Los Angeles, California
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I have been a member of LA fitness for seven years. I was asked never to go back because they said I broke their locks.

This was totally untrue. The real reason is because I dared to complain about them opening up late almost on a daily basis. So I decided to go inside at 5:00 am - and not before in which the operation manager claimed I did. I asked them time and time again to get someone who was responsible, but did not care to listen.

So I got fed up, and went in myself. The other members did like wise. I am a honest hard working middle aged mother of five, and I have never been so humiliated.

I was doing very well with my weight loss - I lost over 160 pounds, and have around 65 more pounds to go. This action on their part takes away my health, and the most important, my friends whom I miss so much.

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So it wasn't open on time at 5:00 a.m. You went in anyway. How did you get in without breaking a lock if it was not open?


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I think I'm gonna join this place just because of this complaint, they obviously care about the well being of their members, they *** out the behemoth, unappreciative, low IQ *** who don't see anything wrong with breaking down doors and tresspassing... Ur retarded lady...


that's very odd to complain about I believe entering before it is open is called breaking and entering that's against the law. they could have called the police and not just kicked you out.


they won't call the police for that. not allowed to call the police. you get fired for any type of publicity