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I went to pick my Sons(10 months and 9 years old) up from the kids klub in Snellville, GA. Two of the girls where just sitting in chairs and the other one was sitting on the counter TEXTING on her cell phone!

Does LA Fitness just hire anyone work in the Kids Klub? No experience needed? No child CPR required? It was obvious that these "young girls" did not want to be there and did not care.

I did complain to the man behind the desk, but he did nothing. Does LA Fitness not understand the liability involved for negligence.

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You guys pay 10 dollars a month. If you want real one-on-one care hire a nanny.


Kids klub is horrible and its very inconvienent that i cant bring my child there!!!!


To EMILY, i do understand your side i truly do not everyone is the same. But i go to la fitness in arlington texas and the kids klub employees there are ALWAYS on there phones when i go in there.

Half the time when i go in there i have to stop someone elses kid from getting hurt or eating a crayon or falling off of toys in there because there so busy in there phones there not paying any attention. And they never ask who i am or which child is mine.

Ive even picked up another child before to test them out and what do you know?...she said "BYE GUYS" REALLY!!!! i could have just walked out with a random kid and all that *** girl had to say was bye guys??


I agree with other parents DON'T take your children to La fitness kids club. My son is 18 months and was accused of biting another child.

I was called to kis club and I asked who saw this happen? Um nmo one they were all to busy talking or texting to notice anything. I got told I couldn't return unless the other parent said its ok. The other child had no mark or anything to say this really occurred.

I demanded to see the video to see what happened and what the girls were really doing sonce they admit they saw NOTHING..... Shocker. Although im able to return I have no desire to have young incompitent girls watch my son.

They may not care about my son but he is my world and I refuse to have him accused of something with zero proof anything happened and he can't tell me they are lieing. So if you live in santa clarita ca don't use la fitness kids club


I would just like to point out that I am a kids klub employee. We are not allowed to have our cell phones all...or we will be let go.

AND, to point out to the post above mine, I am in college for Early Childhood Education.

So are 3 of my other kids klub employee. And I can't speak for the other girls but, I am certified for CPR.


I wouldn't recommend Anyone taking their kids to LA Fitness Kids club. Their employees are not qualified to or not licensed to take care of Kids.They can't be trusted and they don't care about you or your child's safety.