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Does anyone know the last name an employee Kristi ? She works at La Futness in Fontana, CA ?

Today, I decided to join La Fitness gym. So, I got a one day pass, so I could look around. When I came to La Fitness in Fontana, I had tonwait for 45 minutes till Kristi finish her meal. She was eating in her work place!!!! After that she said she can help me, and she asked me waht do I want in a very rude way. I immediatelly felt unwelcome. I told her thatnImwant to join a gym and I would like to look around. She again with an attitude asked me if I have "anything" to allow myself to look around. I told her I dont know. Than my friend remembered that she has a one day permit. So Kristi told us to give her our ID. When I gave my green card she said thatnforeigners are not allowed to join LA Fitness.

After that Inwas kicked out with the tears in my eyes. And she just started to eat in front of me again. When I asked her if I can talk to her manager, she replied to me thatnshe is in charge her. And she is the one who tells what to do or not to do. Than she told me that she has to finish her lunch and that the man in front will help me if I need anything else.

I really want to complain about her. But I can not get a phone number because she said she cant give it to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I am trying to make vlogs and blogs about this horrid fitness center..anybody interested? Please spread the bad news. LA fitness is horrible in handling costumer and their stinky gym doesnt deserve membership of any kind.


Their cosumor service everywhere sucks, including the head office. They also store your credit card infromation when you change it and if something happens and the last one doesnt work, they go back and charge the fist one.

I am actually in the process of cancelling my membership because it costed me a negative credit score and penality!

The last one, I lost my credit card and I am terrified that they might still have the infromation on my first credit card (which shouldnt be charged by anybody because I have a balance that is not supposed to be touched ). They are annoying!!!I am now trying to convice my friend to cancel her membership so that we move to another local fitness center or join a yoga studio.


Complaining about Kristi will do you no good unfortunately. I complained several times and those who I complained about lied about me and my membership was revoked.

The people at corporate are in their own strange world. You can call (949) 255-8220 to express your complaint.

Good luck. :?