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Last Monday Fox News was taken off of all of the monitors in my club at Towne Lake in Woodstock, Ga. I was told that it was a corporate thing again.

The same thing happened last February, this company is very bias and wants you to only see the liberal side before the elections.

Everyone needs to stand up to this company and show them that this should not be done. Money talks...lots of clubs out there that are not bias like this in these economic times and we do not need to be giving our money to a company that acts like this.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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oh wow, im a former GM and I had many complaints about this. I would always put it on for the members but when the OM returned to the club she would get pissed and call her boss. I was later fired!


My wife and I quit the Kennesaw, GA location because they refused to put Fox News on any of the many screens. We found another club that has _both_ Fox News and CNN on the screens.

And while LA Fitness was charging us $75 a month, the new place charges us $25 total for a family membership. Better service at a lower's hard to argue with that.


I asked the front desk at a club in New Brighton, MN to change one of the 15 televisions to Fox News today and she stated they could not. I'm pretty disappointed by this.


The gym in Flower Mound TX, they show Fox News but they program the Closed Captioning so you can't read it


I agree. I am in the Marietta East Cobb location and Fox has not been on for months.

Further, why cant local news be shown for that matter. In the mornings why would i care to see last nights liberal repeats as opposed to local weather, traffic and news to start the day. Both national news stations shown in the East Cobb location are extremely liberal. Fox and WSB should be on every day.

I will go to Just Fitness next time. At least it is a clean facility and the equipment is not always broken and the showers dont smell like sewage.