Tampa, Florida
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L.A Fitness, states that they welcome you like family and make you feel comfortable. Well actually its not that at all.

The North dale mabry, and Vandyke L.A Fitness, in Tampa,Florida is B.S.! They are rude, hang up on you on the phone, are definitely one of the worst gyms i have ever been a member to.

The manager Kendra does a horrible job running that gym, and should be removed of her duties. I would highly recommend joining life style family or a 24 hour gym that u don't have to worry about *** staff.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Manager.

Monetary Loss: $34.

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Been a member for three years. High turnover among employees, facility is dirty most times I have been there such as slimely shower floors and oil and dirt floating in the hot tub.

No consistency of policies at the front desk. Today, I was told that my guest couldn't come in with me for the first time in 3 years.

In a market with so much competition, they are forcing themselves out of business. I'm in a contract and will not be renewing


they are crooks. Pure and simple.

It is a scam to get your credit card data and them look out because it will take a lawyer to get it canceled. This is what happened to me. They delay, deny and then you have to write letter after letter to end the misery. Just don't do it.

I have had memberships at 24 hour -- good.

and Life time -- great. But LA Fitness --- just don't do it.


Orlando, FL - Colonial Drive East...

I was lied to on my personal trainer plan as well. When originally presented with the plan and contract, I took it home and reviewed and thought it over and did come back with a list of questions and expectations. Due to my schedule, I can only work out in the mornings and told them this. I told the manager this and he asked “what could he do to help?” I asked him all I wanted was a trainer who I felt was up to my level of training – someone I could learn from. I told him the trainers I felt I would benefit from and also the ones I questioned if they even had actual credentials to train; the ones I did not want to train with. The manager said he’d have no problem scheduling a trainer at that time – it would not be a problem at all. I accepted this and signed the contract.

When I went to schedule my first training session, I was told that the trainers I wanted worked in the morning and I would have to change my schedule to meet theirs. This went on for just over two months. I have cancelled my membership of 3 years and cancelled the credit card they charged from and I am now taking legal actions against them. If you are considering a Personal Trainer program with LA Fitness, don’t do it.

Overall, the gym is fair - the gyms tend to get cluttered and dirty and both weight and cardio machines tend to break down - not get repaired for sometimes up to a month...not really worth the $39 a month for a basic membership either.

Orlando has plenty of other gyms in town – a new 24 hour fitness, Planet fitness and Golds. Consider them before considering LA Fit.