Reston, Virginia

In my area, Broward county, Fl., there's a 60+ year old "fitness" coordinator who eliminates the younger, very popular rivals by harassing them until they quit. Although many members have complained to customer service and called K.C.

Lee ,the national coordinator, nothing has been done to stop her. On the contrary, she was advanced from 1 club to 3 and then to the entire country. She's also hired or kept many of her older friends who's classes are also of the softball/patty-cake type. They can arrive late, give a boring class or chat ,nonsensically, through the entire class,as she does, because they know that they have tenure through her even if virtually no one shows for their classes.

The younger members refer to her as the "old lady".

I suppose LA Fitness will keep her teaching and driving away the real talent until she drops dead. If you like/d to take clases it's a really bad situation.

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LA FITNESS management SUCKS! Horrible to their me I know. KC Lee is such as bad person!!!


KC Lee is the WORST person I have ever met!! She treats her employees soooo bad and I was even verbally abused by her.

She is not that good of an instructor and shes awful!!! She's rude, bipolar, and thinks she knows everything about fitness. Really really BAD manager. I have never been treated the way she treated me.

I am doing all my power to spread the word that she is HORRIBLE and that nobody should ever she treated the way that I was. I feel sorry for her.


I do not know KC Lee personally, however having worked under her in the Group Exercise Program for many years, I do know that she is rude, impersonal and demeaning to her employees. Classic Upper-LA Fitness managemet.


Very interesting! I was a fitness coordinator for LA Fitness for a few years.

KC and Debbie Smith were horrendous to their staff. Talking down and basically dismissing everyone else. Their philosophy was "what works,for 1 club works for all of them"...really? Are you that naive, lazy or just plain ***?

They were only interested in filling up a class schedule, not based off what the members were asking for but because a club 4 states over did it that way! I thought working with women would be a great experience but it only taught me that it was *** on earth. I quit my job and when I did...boy did i tell them where to go! It's like the blind leading the blind over there.

And sales are a bunch of crooks...always "accidentally" double charging for things hoping people don't check their credit card statements.

Karma is a bit** and so are these two ladies. They'll get what's coming to them!


Well look at KC...she's old! She NEVER likes the younger instructors and takes every chance she can to come off like a *** no-it-all.

None of the instructors at the clubs like her because she is such a BIT@$%. I used to work with her and she was SOOOOOO rude to all of us younger ones. Everything we did or said was wrong to her. But hello, we are all certified too, so get over yourself lady.

No one even knows who you are outside of LA Fitness. And your classes suck!


Whoa! That old man was so amazing.

Imagine, at the age 60+ he still can get that body boost. Teaching someone until they quit?

I can't believe it. That old man supposed to be lying on his bed and reading some custom essays.