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Never mind the fact that I was the *** that didn't ask for the physical copy of the contract to read over instead of feeling awkward trying to read the contract off a computer screen. Yeah, when I signed up I didn't get a physical contract, they pointed to a computer screen and had me sign on a digital pad to which they could copy and paste my signature ***-nilly. Then they presented me a copy of what I read and signed, along with another document I DIDN'T get to read but was signed. Anyways.

Okay so... here's what I had done at first. Attempted to speak with the personal trainer that signed me up for PT because I was only getting 5-10 hours a week and my dog had gotten cancer so all my money was going to vet visits. He wasn't available. So I called and he said to stop by the gym at 9am and signed me up for a training appointment with a new trainer at 7:30am. So basically by the time training was over he'd be there to talk. One: the new guy wasn't fully settled in and my appointment was never booked in the system so when I arrived he was training someone else on my time, and Two: The trainer I set out to speak with was a no show. I ended up speaking with the gym manager instead. I told him of what was going on and he said the contract can't really be amended and he suggested I call my bank to replace my debit card or come with a bill from the vet so they can see my difficult circumstances.

I couldn't bring the proof because all I did was basically pull out cash from my account and send it to my father's account as all the bills are under his name. So I opted for replacing my card. It worked for two weeks. I was constantly hassled by phone to update my card information as the payment wasn't going through. I was relieved and the calls didn't bother me too much. But on the morning before my 25th birthday I notice my account went to -81 dollars because there was a 212 dollar charge from L.A Fitness. Perturbed, I wondered how they got my information without me giving them any.

So after the replacement method didn't work I tried to speak with the rep again, but never got a hold of the *** even after calling him. So instead I spoke to the personal training director and he just sat there and said "we'll what do you want me to do? You signed a contract." I asked for any options at all seeing as I don't work for the *** gym and don't now how this works. I should also point out the new PT mentioned he saw a customer that was only paying 9 dollars per session and suggested I make a deal with the PTD. Silly me never mentioned that as I didn't want to get the new guy in trouble for spilling sensitive info. But, yeah the PTD gave me line after line you know the company trained him to say to down on their luck people they just wanna *** over and said my only choice is to move 25 miles away from an LA Fitness facility or pay 50% of my remaining balance. He did give me corporate's number and when I called I only got the exact same *** repeated to me.

So I cancelled my account and opened a new one thinking that would be the end of that. There it was again, a 31 dollar charge for my membership and no doubt the next day 212 dollars will be pulled from my new account.

Turns out there is a teeny paragraph on the contract called EFT/CC Request (or something like that) that says they are allowed to charge the account you gave them or any replacement for the initial term, any freezing fees (which I was specifically told they don't freeze accounts), and any fees for any charges that hadn't gone through. You do get authorization to get notices for any increase in the amounts charged, if it varies by more than 10% of the original amount (ugh really!?). Also, you don't get a notice if the amount decreases, notice how there is no specific percentage by how much in this part. Oh but here are my favorite tid-bits of this clause. You can terminate this authorization if you send a written notice, doesn't tell you where to send this notice, and it will only take effect if they and the financial institution had sufficient time to act on the notice, again they don't clarify how much time is sufficient enough. And the zinger!!! By signing this contract you give the gym consent to seek and obtain information about account changes through third parties like the bank or their credit card processors. What the ***! If I knew about this I would've told the gym to jump off my account's *** and have a nice day! Is that even legal for a gym to do? I spoke to the Operations Manager and he told me the same thing as the PTD and GM, but also offered a way out. That if I change my EFT information to add a prepaid card they would attempt to pull money from the card and after three tries the gym would just cancel the contract all together. I'm wondering if that will even work, hoping it will as my extreme circumstances had gotten significantly worse now that both my parents are unemployed and I'm the only adult in the house with a job.. in retail mind you so I work part time for about minimum wage. If anyone has any advice on how to get out of this PLEASE reply. Otherwise if I find a way out on my own I will surely come back here with an update, as I want no one else to go through this heavily stressful situation.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

La Fitness Cons: Harassing, Customer service.

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