Reston, Virginia
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Management for the Clifton operation either don't care or have no clue to what they are doing there. When you arrived there is no parking space, onece you get in to the facility not enough equipment to use either because there is to many people or the most common broken equipment.

The pool and the whirpool is NOT SANITIZE OFTEN as it should be I am trying to find out who checks this things is obious no body cares all they care is to take customers money. Maybe the board of helath should get there around 6:00pm and see what this place looks like is unhealthy and unsafe.

if thinking of signing Don't do it.


Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Facility.

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The LA Fitness in Secaucus,NJ is way over crowded. WHile standing at the front desk one day I learned that anyone can go in and use the facility for a fee.

Why is it then considered a Signature club.

There are no longer tissues in the womens locker room and you have to ask for a towel at the front desk. Further more the WOODWAY tread mill is always broken and never do you see an employee cleaning the equiptment like they did when the gym first opened.Maybe instead of just walking around they should do some work.