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Why in an age of ubiquitous iPods does LA Fitness continue to blare music at irritating and perhaps dangerous-to-hearing levels? If you don't want to listen to the loud music in the gym and bring an iPod, you must turn the sound of your iPod up to such a loud level that you risk damaging your hearing.

When I bring this up to the staffs at several of the LA Fitness gyms, they look at me like I'm insane. When I ask if other people have complained, they each said, "A few." When I asked if anyone complained about the music being too soft, they each said, "No." The military routinely uses loud music as part of its psy. ops. It did it to Noriega.

Please, LA Fitness, lower the level of the music! I go to the gym to keep me healthy.

I should not have to do so at the cost of my hearing. LA Fitness should not by synonymous with LA Deafness!

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Today, August 7, 2010, was Customer Appreciation Day at the LA Fitness in Riverside near the 91 Freeway. I got there about 5:00.

There were no more than 30 people on the workout floor. I got on an elliptical with my iPod buds shoved in my ears to block out the sound of the music. A few moments later, a tsunami of bass swept through the gym. Everyone looked around trying to figure out what it was.

It was a DJ. The three women in front of me were shouting at each other to be heard. They got off their machines with their fingers in their ears and headed for the lockers. I went to the front desk and commented on the level of the music.

The girl at the desk said, "Oh, we're doing that for customer appreciation day." "Really?" I replied, "because you have just pissed off a lot of customers. Most of the people have their iPods on. We don't want to listen to the music that you normally play, and then you force us to listen to the teeth-rattling blaring of stadium speakers?" Get a clue LA Fitness. Everyone with ear buds in is voting note to listen to the music that you play!

Stop the torture!

Turn it off or turn it down so I can drown it out! ARRRGGHHH!


Two of the gyms I mentioned are in Riverside, California.

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