Auburn, Washington
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Warning -- They will be super nice to you to get you to sign on the line, but forget about such nice treatment after that. This establishment does not treat members as customers.

Just a few complaints here... LAfit Trainer was a no-show for my training session at 11 am, even after he called to confirm the night before. As if my time is not important. He was in fact, at the club, he knew I was there (I saw someone tell him) and he was working with someone else -- but did not even bother to come over and let me know, or apologize for a double booking, or anything like that.I was waiting at the trainers desk for about 20 minutes as I was instructed to do.

I finally left. He later called "on behalf of his apologies" and said he was working with someone else. I would never work with this person, the way I was treated, as if my time was not important. That was terrible.

The club is continually too hot, poor circulation, especially group fitness room which is sometimes over capacity, Staff cooly maintains "it has been addressed" but nothing is solved. Poor control over hoodlums in the facility, especially the pool, which is suppose to be for "lap swim" but often it is full of teenagers engaging in horse-play and it is impossible to swim laps. It may be the youth of the staff, but there seems to be no organization in management, there is nobody to step up and take good leadership. When discussing the air conditioning , the answer a staff member actually gave was "It is all controlled at Corporate Offices...

which is in another state. So here is a club with no accountability, no caring for it's members, only caring to sign the next member who comes through the door. I called once to address a billing problem and was asked to give 4 names of friends and family members so they could sign them up -- as in "How can we help you if you don't help us?" They were actually trying to sell to me when I was calling to discuss a perceived problem. There, you have been warned.

However, if you need a facility close to home, this may be your only choice, and then you are stuck, like me. And if you want to close your membership, you do need to get a special paper and send it certified to Corporate, When my friend did just that, the woman at the post office said that she sends off about 15 of these a day. She even had the zip-code memorized for the certified mail entry. LA fitness Covington.

You are broken! I wish someone would just fix you1

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Sarah your obviously one of the little dumb tramps that work at la fitness! Everything in this review is the same things I complain about on my daily trips to the club!

Sure wish la would go out of business and 24 hour fitness would take over the facility!

Funny how dumb you look sending a message from two different screen names on the same day! ***


get a job n stop going on the intenet to talk about la fitness lol *** loser


LA fitness staff is great and the facility is wonderful. Your probably a stay at home mom with no life so you get on the internet and talk about LA fitness. get a life