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LA Fitness is trying to make it so hard to cancel membership. They will only let you do it through the mail with a 20 day lag.

Which will most likely take you into another billing period. This does not seem ethical you should be allowed to either call or cancel a membership online or at the facility that you attend. I tried to put the membership on hold and was told it would cost me $75.00 when it use to be $10.00.

Now with the country in an economic mess this company is making it hard to cancel something that is a luxuary to have.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Facility.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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yes, they are hoping that you won't make the effort to mail in the cancellation form. you should also send it certified so that you have proof that they rcvd it.

i have heard way too many stories from folks that they sent the letter and corporate claims never to rcv it.

its all a scam. once they have your money, you're screwed.


for us monthly members you can send the letter, call the corporate office to notify them the letter was sent and that you have already cancelled your checking account so any attempt to get a payment on a non contracted account with not be successful. keep your certified mail receipt. didnt cancel your checking account, fine then let them know you will file a chargeback with your financial institution and the chargeback can cost the company upwards of 3000.00 in fees, fees they want to avoid.


Im not a fan of the personal training program. Seems like the trainers I experienced have no idea what is involved with training for mass. I have many other gripes about the system, but Im not wasting any more time complaining about it.


Everything you complain is in the contract when you sign up. If you are to lazy to read what is written, then thats your fault. LA Fitness is AMAZING =]


I couldn't agree more, I have a membership to a local gym after having gone through this with LA Fitness and being charged an extra month because they couldn't get it in on time. This is a LOCAL GYM and has an online cancellation system that is 1 to 2 days to process at most.

(*** you are a huge corporation with plenty of resources to facilitate an instant cancellation)


LA Fitness-You must be kidding!! How come members aren't notified of changes in policies?

That is downright disrespectful. I now have to give u 20 days notice prior to freezing my membership (who always knows that they are taking a vacation 20 days prior??)and then my membership is freezed for 3 months for $25.00. Why 3 months??? Give me a break!!

What a scam!! This is the age of computers-do you mean that the company can't figure out a way to pro-rate bills? I guess it is too much to ask for. Let's not treat your members with any dignity.

You know the individual is going to come back prior to 3 months (remember, they only wanted to take a month off!) and LA Fitness can collect more fees. I have been a member for over 5 years and I think this stinks. It feels like a punishment. I plan on leaving LA Fitness for this reason as well as for the manager never calling me back after I left a message days ago.

So disrespectful.

I heard that cancelling will be another fiasco. Can't wait!!


we're not trying to make cxling a hassle. its just our company's policy and we're tryin g to do our job.

the reason why we tell people to cxl 20 days BEFORE is so you WONT get billed again the next month. your last months dues are credited to you after cxlation. freeze for 3 months is 25$. 6 months 50$ make sure you freeze 20 days prior to your next billing date or youll get billed your monthly dues along with freeze free.

if the freeze option isnt the best way, just cxl. you can reinstate your ship within 3 months after cxlation




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