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Last last time I was @ the gym I went to drop my 2 children off in the kids club. I was quickly and rudely informed that they are not a daycare & they could not feed my 10 month old son.

No problem I will just give him a bottle... As I'm in a spin class I'm paged that I need to come to the kids club. My son had been sitting in his carseat for over a hour and a half and now has a poopy diaper... I asked why she didn't change him & she quickly informed me they were not a daycare.

I have NEVER had this issue before. The girls in the kids club were great and always took care of my children, feeding them, changing them and I never once got attitude. Now, I'm getting attitude from the manager to whom I've never seen before. I go in today to cancel my family membership & they ask why I'm doing so.

I let them know and the same manager is standing there. I tried to be nice and not mention that she was the one so rude to me but she starts going at it again with me! I quickly let her know that she is the reason why we are cancelling that she needs not to give the customers so much attitude and needs to handle things differently. I'm sorry but when I'm paying you for a service then you should be taking care of my child and not sitting on the computer playing and giving me attitude...

she could have handled herself so differntly and I probably would have stayed but she seems extremely confrontational. I would not recommend this gym to anyone with children.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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its a KIDS CLUB they are getting paid to take care of KIDS. taking care of KIDS means changing diapers, playing with them, making sure they dont kill/hurt themselves.


yall some idiots. put some gloves on and change the diaper, stick a bottle n the kids mouth and let the mother have a peaceful work out!


I agree with biglou, take care of your own *** kids you lazy ***.


^^ Then u wouldnt have a job there, or at least in that department. U get paid to do a job, do it or quit.


You are a *** I would never let a stranger change my childern and if I'd work at LA Fit I would'nt change your nasty little animals either.