Stone Mountain, Georgia
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My wife joined LA Fitness and received a friends and family rate because of our friend. I Chose to join the gym a week later so i signed up for a guest pass.

The sales associate was ok until I told him that I needed to go, because my daughter was in childcare and we needed to go get her. The sales associate proceeded to ball up my guess pass and said "we are going to turn your 7 day pass into a one day pass". I just walked out. I filed a complaint with customer service and they gave me a 30 day pass.

Then our friend had a run in with the associate who was "helping" us. He proceeded to tell our friend that I was high, talking slow, and wasn't doing anything. Mind you I take medicine that slows my speech. I found it unprofessional that he would say anything like to another client.

Obviously the have no privacy disclosure yet rule #3 of membership policy states " Members and guest will refrain from engaging in loud slanderous language or molesting, badgering or harassing club members or associates. I have tried calling customer service and the gym to resolve this issue. But no resolution has yet to come about. The manager of the location never returned my phone call.

On top of that my wife now drives an hour out of her way to another location because of this. I work in customer service and understand that this is absolutely the wrong approach to remedy a problem. I am willing to go at any length to solve this issue and don't want to see anyone lose their job but enough is enough. Every LA Fitness we have been to is the same old story poor customer service and a lack of urgency.

That's not how you run a business.

There are many other gyms out there and I am considering joining. What a waste of time.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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