Chandler, Arizona
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We joined LA Fitness. I was nine months pregnant and I signed myself, husband, and two children up as a family plan.

One bill per month $49 a month for five months then $69 a month. We paid $100 up front then they took $50 every two weeks to pay the total of $250 for the sign up, month to month family plan. They continued to charge $50 once we had already paid it, we had a horrible time trying to get it to stop. They kept charging (from Irvine, Ca) two, three different charges per month, all different amounts (trying to *** and steal money from your account) (hoping you wont notice because there are so many times and amounts they take from you every month) Then we finally got a hold of someone (who was rude of course) to pause the account for $10 a month until we squared this away.

Then they charge us two separate $10 fees so ($20) a month to put it on pause, which they are not charging us the family plan but some separate thing...which how can you do when we have our two kids as members as well? This place is horrible, the sales man 'Jim' is a *** man, a liar and so is this gym. Now that we have experienced this gym and have talked about it to people we hear the exact same stories from others. The gym seems nice from afar....I am warning people that it is a scam...these people are like scary used car sales men.

Worst place I have ever been.

They have cost us over $800 in less than three months!!!!!!!!!!!! And the people who say how nice they are.........only until they @#$%^ up and you call them on it then you cannot get a decent professional human being to speak to.

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