Gaithersburg, Maryland
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The gym was ok, pretty generic. Overall, it wasn't terrible.

What was terrible though, was canceling my membership. The process was very long when I went to cancel my membership. After the long process, LA Fitness requires you to mail in a piece of paper. Not email, but mail.

Mail is obsolete. I don't have envelopes or stamps. Everything is done electronically. This is obviously a ploy to squeeze more money out of their members.

If it wasn't, LA Fitness would have moved away from this a decade ago. They use barcode every time I go. They bill me electronically. Why isn't the cancellation done electronically if everything else is?

LA Fitness is now on my never again list! I hope this is considered before a membership is started.

I would have gone to another gym had I known this. Time and money has to be economized, LA Fitness wants you to waste both.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Cancel Membership.

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