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Since the first my posting \'Bad Blood\', LA Fitness executive management has readdressed the Bally\'s lifetime membership issue, and will honor all lifetime memberships. However, if you are a Bally\'s lifetime member, you may have to be proactive (as I was) between Bally\'s customer service and LA Fitness corporate customer service.

If LA fitness says they can\'t find you in their system, call Bally\'s and file a case number. I recommend doing this by phone, thru Bally\'s corportate customer service, not at the club level. Additionally, I found LA Fitness club managers were very unwilling to assist with the transfer process at the club level.

Perhaps this is from a lack of direction from the top. My feeling is, since the sales people are commissioned based, there is no incentive to provide customer service due to \'no dollars for them\'.

Original review posted by user Dec 14, 2011

LA Fitness has created bad blood for consumers in this buyout. I am a Bally's lifetime member.

I signed up for a executive national membership in Wisconsin in 1988, and have since 1996 been living in Phoenix Arizona for 16 years. They are telling me I am not part of the buyout since I signed up at a club in Wisconsin, that wasn't bought by LA Fitness. My address of record with Bally's is Phoenix Arizona. I am fine with paying a LA fitness monthly membership of $19.99, but they want a up front enrollment fee of $200,which in my opinion should be waived.

LA Fitness put my club out of business by there acquisition.

Buyer beware of Bally's/LA Fitness Contracts. You could be next.

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I've been a premiere member of Bally since 1986 originally from New York. I have been in California, paying my fees to Bally in this state since 1995.

Now LA Fitness and Bally tell me I am ineligible to transfer to LA Fitness.

Bally emailed me and said I am welcome to work out at ANY Bally club, BUT THERE ARE NO MORE BALLY CLUBS IN CALIFORNIA, so what are they talking about!? BUNK, that's what...pure BUNK.


Does anyone have a list of executive e-mail addresses for LA Fitness?


To Furious in South Jersey. Call Bally's corporate customer service and tell them you want to file a 'case number' to transfer to La Fitness, since Bally's is no longer servicing your area.

Unfortunately you have to work both clubs to present your case for your membership transfer. This worked for me.

Paul Norris, LA Fitness CEO has instructed all Bally lifetime menberships to be honored by LA fitness in a Mid December press release. I found the employee's in the clubs to be very unresponsive to assist me, perhaps because their is no commission for their efforts.


I've been a member of Ballys since the early Jack LaLane Days. I have a Premium Plus National Membership, with a locked in renewal rate and national access.

I moved from NY where I had originally joined Ballys to NJ over 13 years ago, and have been using a gym in Voorhees NJ. Now they closed both NJ locations within 25 miles of my (actually almost 100 miles) and have the audacity to tell me that since my original membership was in NY, that they won't take any transfers to LA Fitness passed the originals from December 10, 2011. There needs to be a class action initiated, along with a complaint through each States District Attorneys office, along with a cross-complaint throught the US Attorneys office. They certainly have violated several laws (especially Anti-Trust)with their behavior.

According to the "Corporate Department Mgr." at LA Fitness, they also regulary violate the "Oxley-Sarbanes" act regularly, as they have several CEO's none of whom sign their corporate governance documentation. Someone in Law Enforcement should be taking a long hard look at this transaction.


It's a given that for the most part LA has impressive looking facilities, tons of equipment, numerous amenities.

I find it more then ironic that the complaints that I have read and the few that I have posted all have the same common theme throughout the country. The employee's ! It cannot be a coincidence it has to be by design. As an employer LA offer's their employee's nothing. Which means most of the good people in the industry have either left or won't work for them. What's left are those who are beyond desperate to make a buck and will say anything to trick you into buying a membership or training package. The training package is the only way the trainers make money. You may pay 30-$40 per half hour, but the trainer only gets 5 or 6 bucks for the half hour session. There are many membership options available. The sales people will lie and tell you that the highest priced one is the only one they have have. Any other employee's you encounter are close to minimum wage. Janitorial problems are mainly caused by corporate issuing unrealistic budget constraints, causing services to be cut.

Makes no sense to run a business in this manner. No, they are not successful in that multiple law suites have been filed against them and they have lost. LA is a prime example of how not to operate a fitness center.



Google Complaints and Lawsuits against LA Fitness.