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Hi my name is Liliana i signed up to LA FITNESS August 6, 2009. When i signed up i decided to get a personal trained but never thought it would have been such a nightmare. I'm not saying that cuz he worked me out alot but because since day one he started canceling on me or rescheduling. I was okay with it the first few days but August 14 which shouldve been my second session he called me to reschedule for a later time. Then waited 7mins before the session was suppose to start, to cancel one. I was really furiouse and went to complaint on him.

Later that day i get on to view my account and realized that i didnt only have one session taken of my account but a total of three. One of those days they took off on the check in history it shows that i didnt even go to the gym that day. The second one was August 14 that day he cancelled on me. So tell me how was it that he trained me when he never even showed up??

I tried calling corporate regarding this but they said theres nothing they can do because its a contract and yes i understand that. But it was the companys fault and im not going to stop until they fix this and get better employees. If they did this to me only been they a lil over a week imagine what they have done to other people. I bet they been scamming others the same way they did to me.

Now, im trying to get a lawyer to see what i can do about my situation... because i called corporate and they said theres nothing they can do for me.

If you have any suggestions on what i should do please leave a comment. Thank you! I would really appreciate it.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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Don't sign up these guys are crooks they will do all they can to bill you and when you try to cancel they will delay and deny that they received any cancellation. Don't do it.


I'm on the same boat....seems to me that no matter what LA Fitness you attend....everyone seems to encounter the same problem which raises eyebrows......Question is, "Are they cancelling training appointments on purpose in order to rollover sessions and extend the month/s, while they STILL charge their training fees EVERY month?" Seems like it! I can only speak for myself since I'm a victim of it.


I hate the fact that I got a personel traineer it is a waste of money and time, it is a rip off and they know it. I have tried for several months to get out of my contract and the answer is still no.

I undersatnd what a contract states but again the traineers are never able to train at the times that best fit the customer. I wish that I could cancel the training sessions but the answer is no I can not.

I like the gym itself but the traineers are such a waste of time and money. Perhaps if enough of us complain just maybe they will hear us in the corporate offices and correct the problem


you can try and get a lawyer, but their agreements are airtight.. they spent a lot of time making them so you cannot get out of them..

and the reason they cancelled and tried to reschedule on you is that if they dont get/give at least 24 hr notice they put you as a 'no show' and you still have to pay for the session and the trainer still gets paid.

just a little food for thought.


Don't ever sign up for personal training with LA Fitness they are a bunch of liars and frauds. Three trainers quit before i had my first session and I have nothign to show for my money.

I have called corporate repeatedly and they wont do anything at all. ANy suggestions