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LA FITNESS - Bank theft.In October I went to LA FItness to check out the gym while deciding what gym to join. The salesman at the Plano East club in Plano, Tx named Mark told me that in order for me to hold the rate he was offering for a future date I would have to provide him my personal information and my debit card number.

I did not sign put my signature on anything, so I knew they could not draft my account. The salesman called me several times during October and November, I told him each time I did not want to join. I may when I move if I sell my house in Dallas. I heard from him the last time in November and told him NO I did not want to join.

Much to my surprise while preparing my taxes in April, I looked at a bank account that I do not use only to find my account had been debited for over $400.00 by LA Fitness. I made several phone calls to LA Fitness only to get the brush off. I finally obtained a copy of the "signed" agreements (knowing I had never put my signature on anything), all of which were forgeries. They had forged a signature ( not even close to mine) on the "manual agreement" and the "electronic agreement" a month later.

The corporate membership department was not concern about an employee forging signatures and stealing from the public. Instead they took the position it was my fault. I never worked out in their facility, I never received a thing concerning a membership from them. The first "manager" at corporate I spoke to gave me an email address that was bogus to send a copy of the signature on my drivers license, so they could verify it.

Then she called back and told me it was not her email address, it was her supervisor and she would not be back until next week. After finding out the email did not go through, I called again and got a totally different email address from someone else for the same person. This email address was completely different than the first email address provided. The "manager" I spoke to said he would follow up with me on Monday and make sure it got handled.

Guess what? No one called and no one followed up. I called them and got in touch yet another "manager" who sounded like a valley girl, popping gum and may the ripe age of 18. She again put the blame on us, arguing that we signed the document --they were not handwriting experts and could not determine if a signature is correct.

Time after time she was told; I had seen the signatures and it is not my signature! So her response was you had full use of the gym during that time. I had to explain to her that if the papers are forged and we do not know it, then how would I know of a membership to take advantage of in the first place. This girl was unreasonable and argumentative.

Finally she asked to put me on hold and speak to her supervisor. She comes back on the phone and said: OK I will refund $126. of the over $400. I hung up on her only to have her call back and say she would go ahead and refund all of it in 7-10 days.

All I was ever asking is to give back the money they stole from my account. It took way too many phone calls met with apathy and a warning them that I am going to expose their scam to the media. The Corporate Membership Department is obviously a group of unexperienced phone room kids called "managers" that can't make decision without talking to "supervisors" . Thee kids are apparently trained to not agree to refund money and blame the caller.

Instead they should be paying close attention to the actions of their sales people and how they are lying and stealing from the public This type of scam should be exposed and warn the public of their antics.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Sue them in small claims court like I did for Fraud. I won my case.

Make sure you have evidence to prove your case. If witness even branch manager, subpoena that branch manager. Have copies of evidence for judge and defendant(s).

LA Fitness is owned as of 2012 by Fitness International, LLC.

Its corp federal tax ID number (I just discovered) is: EIN = 33-0774939.

It can be used if you win, on its bank acct if you learn what bank to levy judgment on.

My CA Superior Court, County of Orange, Small Claims Dept., Central Justice Center (Santa Ana)

case no. 30-2007-00019228-SC-SC-CJC

Good luck.


PJAltsh, I would love to speak with you. I just went through the exact same forgery scam, and am pursuing legal action via a class action suit. I sincerely hope this reaches you, and would love for you to participate.

My contact is



I would have loved to participate, we pursued it hard and eventually we were reimbursed, so we are not eligible to be a part of a suit. We went through the bank, the police department, numerous calls to LA Fitness Management plano and California and the local news.

I wish you all the success with your suit and hope you can collect enough putative damages that they will be forced to change their ways of doing business.