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LA Fitness recently banned showing FOX news on the TV's located in their gyms (at least in Atlanta, Georgia). Even though there are numerous monitors, they only allow MSNBC and CNN to be shown.

I like to see the news from all sides, not just one. Many of the club members have complained to the managers, but the managers have said that they do not like FOX news and that they have been told that they are not allowed to show it on their monitors.

The monitors are supposed to be there to please the customers, not the managers. The owners of LA Fitness are obviously extreme left libs and they don't care about anybody who doesn't agree with them politically.

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I went to the gym this morning (Oct 11) and for the first time there was no Fox News on the cardio machine monitors. These are individual monitors for each machine so no one has to watch who doesn't want to do so.

They've replaced it with Acuweather (yeah that will entertain me for 30 minutes).

We live on the edge of the Phoenix Valley and LA Fitness just opened a few months ago. It is our only option for a gym so we cannot quit our membership, but we loved this gym and were happy it opened within 2 miles of our home, I'm so disappointed that they are mind control dictators running it.


I will be cancelling my families membership in Jax Fl. This is censorship! Totally unacceptable


Just cancelled my membership in Norwalk, CT. Want communism- go to gym in North Korea (running on unsaved roads carrying rocks, under armed guards supervision)


Well they got that one right. Fox is a brainwashing tool. Turns normies into traitors!


Here's an idea: It's a private business. Just like the cake guy in Colorado can refuse service, LA Fitness can drop Fox.

If you don't like it, go join a different gym. It's called freedom.


Would love to see some public statements from the higher-ups in the company about this issue. Just happened in Indiana recently at my local LA Fitness gym.

Of course it coincides with the upcoming midterms and the caravan issues...a little too odd. I asked 3 separate employees about Fox all of a sudden not existing on the personal machine channel lineup and it was a grab bag of answers.

The shift manager insisted it was a reception issue but would not give any estimate on when it would start working again. Needless to say they lost 5 gym memberships that day.


Fox News has been banned in Tucson as well!! I like both sides of news. What they did is evil!


I don't want any news forced in my eyes and ears, blaring at me from loud televisions in the locker room; I don't care what network is on. I'm there to work out, get healthy, and manage stress.

I prefer getting my news on my terms in my own time. How about playing music or sports instead?


Liar! There is no loud news.

Only music. TV is on headphones only


I noticed the same in Chicago. Just canceled my membership! I refuse to give my money to companies that play these games.


You have lost my membership


Try working out instead of worrying about what is on the tv. If you had a trainer they would not let you slack and sit there and watch tv.

Do you think Arnold is calling corporate offices to see if a news channel can be put on at a gym?

What has this world come too? Try a gym that has Silver Sneakers....


Hey Keep it real why don't you shut the ***


This AM noticed that FOX was unavailable. Was given phone number for corp office but number was permanently busy. Maybe in meltdown mode. Talked to local manager about half hour later and he said that after talking to corp office, he reinstalled FOX.

Squeeking wheels get grease!


I'm thrilled. FauxNews is toxic, has an agenda and only appeals to low information viewers. I hope it becomes a trend.


More viewers than MSNBC and CNN combined.


Of course they’re going to ban Fox in Chicago. This city has absurd crime stats from a toxic, condoning Liberal government.


I used to work for the company in Florida and Atlanta and you all are out of your minds. I work for another fitness company now and you are the same yahoos must have quit LA Fitness and come to my new club.

If your not complaining about the music it's the News Station. Are lyou going to boycott the airports next cause of only having inn CNN in public areas? No gym including LA Fitness is trying to impose their political views on anyone by what they put on TV. They really do have 3 out of 4 TV's locked out from being being changed.

The one that can be changed is usually on ESPN cause that is what most people want. NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICAL VIEWS! You joined a gym to exercise.

If you are doing your workout with proper intensity, the last thing on your mind should be the news. Isn't it going to be the same news when you get home in an hour?


We quit LA Fitness in the Atlanta area because they refused to put on Fox News on at least one of the 8 monitors despite repeated requests to management. We found another club that has individual monitors on the each piece of equipment.

Now we get to choose what we want when we want it. Love it!


Mark Levin should sue them. Case closed. :grin