Atlanta, Georgia

La Fitness is discriminating groups of people due to their political views. I have noticed for quite some time that Fox News was not on their Tvs anymore so i approached the manager of the gym that i attend in Buford, GA.

He said that it was a corporate decision to take FOX NEWS out of the Tvs!!!

As a paying customer i found this very discouraging and i am extremely displeased by this decision and i know that many other members are as well because the word is spreading around. I know that at La Fitness in Sugar loaf paying customers are very displeased as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Manager.

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You are complaining because you can't get a far-right opinion station on the tvs? They shouldn't have any station that isn't news.

No Fox, no CNN, no MSNBC.

Put on the Discovery Channel or Science Channel. At least that way you can use your brain cells instead of killing them.


Who wants to watch Fox noise anyway


its true, as a former employee, they do not allow fox five


No FOX NEWS at LA FITNESS! Im in Marietta, GA and they told me corporate decides, and there is NO FOX NEWS


This must just be at your gym. Unfortunately my location still gets FOX News on the 50+ televisions in the gym....


Yep, it's true. I joined the local LA Fitness and they do NOT have FoxNews on ANY of the 12-14 TVs in the place...ever.

What a joke. It's the #1 cable news station, folks, by far.

You are a BUSINESS, not a political entity. Other than that, I find the club to be everything I could want.


Try working out. That's what you're paying them for, isn't it?


Interesting. You mean to tell me that LIBs are practicing censorship in-house at these clubs?

Why doesn't that surprise me?

The left is everything they purportedly despise. :upset