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Being a former LA Fitness Employee I can say that when it comes to car break ins or theft inside the gym, they don't do jack ***! I worked there for about three months and saw at least four different car break ins (all at different types of the day, usually dusk or late though) and multiple thefts from inside whether it be a member sets down a bag and someone steals it or breaking into lockers, or grabbing items when members are showering so when they come out there stuff is gone. All we did was file an incident report which supposedly went to cooperate. I made sure each one I filed that the person called the local police station right then and there (doing my part to make sure they got help.

Its common sense to not leave anything in your car of member only had his cell phone inside his car, broad day light and they came, punched in his window and stole it along with gloves and a hat. HORRIBLE! Lots of times, people get hooked up at other clubs and get in under wrong names and such, which is why its so important to make sure everyone scans in and has a pic on file.

Sad though for those that have had stuff taken, I hope you post a complaint and take it up with cooperate and such.

Churches and clubs are known to be broken into lots especially in time of season that its busiest-still why would it be so hard to have a security guard or something present? And why does LA Fitness not do anything to try and reimburse their members...they usually end up leaving..

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I had my car window broken out today and purse stolen from my car in broad daylight. A member reported it about an hour before I discovered it.

No attempt to let members working out know about a break in or try to find the owner of the car. No apologizes from the management or follow up phone call. The receptionist was extremely helpful and empathetic. Even when the police came in, the management did not even come to speak with them to find out what was going on.

There is not even a security camera in their parking lot. Crazy!


mojo.....i was fired for the same reasons, filed a lawsuit


I had two incidents happen to me recently. I had my lock cut or picked at an l.a.

fitness last month. Luckily nothing was taken that time.I went and complained to the manager about why couldn't they enforce security, like maybe having a security in the lockers? They weren't able to do a damm thing. The other incident happened son, we.

We were at the gym and the lights went down and were forced to get out. We were outside for ten minutes and when we told them that we wanted to leave, we went back to lockers to find out that they had broken into his locker ...this time they took money from his wallet.

We filed a police report and complained to the manager. Id like to coporate next ....if they don't do alleviate this problem like to go.somewhere else where its more secure.