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When I signed up with LA Fitness a year ago, it was on the condition that I would be able to bring my kids (age 10, 12 & 14 at the time) into the facilities with me. I paid $150 initiation fee (didn't know on- line was cheaper) and 1st & last ($29.95 x 4) for my husband and myself. Negotiated a deal with Membership Manager Tony (which was approved by the GM Anthony) that my kids could come with me for free. A month later I also added the personal training membership for myself ($149 starting fee + $100/mth for 12 mths).

Loved the classes and loved the training session with Brian until last Saturday. As I was leaving the facilities, the new membership manager Faith, told me that my daughter wasn't allowed in the gym again unless I paid an additional $15 fee/mth since my 12 mth initial membership allowing the kids to come into the gym had expired. According to Faith, kids were a liability and in order to protect themselves, LA Fitness would need to charge me an additional $15/mth to cover the insurance costs.

The GM Anthony agreed with Faith. I had only signed up the kids for 12mths. I asked to have the number for the District Manager Nick but was told Anthony was only able to contact him via e-mail. The next day when I spoke with Customer Service @ Corporate, I was told flat out that my 2 kids under 14 weren't allowed to use any of the equipment at the gym even if I paid a fee. I could however pay $30/mth (a guest fee) more if I wanted to have my now 15 year old daughter come with me. I mentioned that the current $160/mth I was paying LA Fitness (for membership & training) was plenty. A year ago I had signed up my entire family. Customer Service finally offered to give me the guest fee for free, however, it would only be under my membership, not my husbands, and I still wouldn't be able to bring my other 2 kids with me. I also asked Customer Service put me in touch with the District Manager Nick and was told they would leave a message but I was wasting my time since she had just as much authority as he did.

Every day last week I approached the GM to say that I hadn't heard from Nick (today is day 7 and haven't heard a peep).

The liability issue is a load of ***. The GM Anthony allows dozens of his homies to enter the facilities (free of charge) to play basketball (no membership = liability) and expects me to pay extra fees (ones that Corporate doesn't agree with). Also, Training Managers aren't allowed to train anyone because they aren't insured by LA Fitness and because they are taking $ from the trainers. This week, I found the Training Manager training someone. Hello, liability!!

I have cancelled my membership, complained to the BBB and am going on every website I can find to complain. All I wanted was a place for my family and I to stay fit. All I got was fees upon fees.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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I thought she said her children were using the pool ? Who are you to say that her children shouldn't be using weights.

Who knows maybe they're a little chunky. It's a good thing when children get active . You've seen the children of this generation. Most of them are out of shape.

Sometimes it's good to vent and let other people know what's going on .

Would you rather she came in and just start shooting the place up ? There's no harm expressing how you feel about a business that you gave your earned money to


Yup there RIP off artists and corporate needs 2 b more aware that there opening there self up 2 a law suit since they charged you 4 a child under 15 and prior 2 that a whole year they were all there with being under 15 .


My second favorite Aquafit instructor, Susan, was filling in for Lana (absolutely the best) today. She brought music!

The music makes me sick and gives me a headache. I had to leave early. There is no reason to play music during Aquafit. The room is noisy enough w/o extra noise.

I have spoken to Lana and Susan about how this bothers me. I quite going to Northtown on Tues and Thursdays and drive the extra miles to BP because that instructor plays music.

Let the people that want music get waterproof players for themselves. Mor epeople than you think are bothered by the music during Aquafit!


LA Fitness has THE WORST customer service ever! On all levels!

This is a reflection of the poor leadership from the top down. All they care about is charts, numbers, and meeting their sales goal that they are willing to put all that above their members and potential members. I visited the la fitness in brooklyn park, mn on a guest pass and the general manager (who was Alexander at the time) treated me so horrible. He treated me like I was a 'hobo off the street' (yes, those were the actual words he used) trying to get in a free workout.

I called customer care to complain and it was a big waste of time.

The guy in customer care pretty much added insult to my injury. I will NEVER EVER join an LA Fitness in my lifetime.


La fitness Brooklyn park mn

people don't pay cash...Anthony j toke $120 cash nex day cancel my membership

when I ask you after 3 days you say you don't rememberyou still in from a customer and company


La fitness Brooklyn park mn

ANTHONY j Fitness sales man toke cash $120 nex day he told me he don't rememberyou should be get fired ccue still from a customer.people if you go ask


LA Fittness is a gym that is for working out and is not a daycare center to bring your kids to. If you are looking for kid activities, have them play outside or go to the local community center that has pools and activities for kids.

Having kids run around people lifting serious weights is dangerous and is a liability. It is also distracting and disrespectful to other patrons.

I have three kids and would not think of bringing them to a gym until they are atleast 15 or 16 years old. You really need to consider what is right for LA Fitness and others that use their facilities before bad mouthing a business.

@LA Fittness has great rates an

Lmao you work for them and posting pathetic and I will make sure were not joint this facility andc after reading all the reviews on this chain of business I don't think I will be joining any L A Fitness center


A friend and I went to LAF in Roseville, MN to check it out. She wanted to see if it was a place for her and I just tagged along to check it out with her. When we got to the customer services desk there were 2 workers there who did not greet us properly and was very rude. We were greeted 5 minutes later after they were done talking about their nails and such.

I told my friend that that was up right rude and disrespectful. First impression of the COMPANY was a fail to my friend and I. I intend to be very judgmental on everything that I think will be good for myself and this company failed to pass First Impression on NEW CUSTOMERS. If I was a Secret Shopper they would have FAIL tremendously!

A General Manager who was called to greet and tour us around the place was very rude and disrespectful. He kept pressuring my friend to join. She told the Gen. Manager that she will decide and get back to him tomorrow. He then said, "Why can't you sign up today? We could help you get to your goal today if you sign up." Right at that point, we knew for a fact that this company only wanted money and not what customers need.

To PRESSURE customers to buy their memberships is #1 fail in business tactics. You will LOSE more customers that way and FAIL as a company.

Rushing and pressuring a customer to sign up right a way is a fishing concept. Do not be fooled by their tactics. You have the right to make a choice of your time and decline any additional information about their membership or products.

Further more the Gen. manager called my friend a liar for not getting back to him tomorrow. At this point the conversation was over. We left and never looked back.


DBerrimi99, where did I mention that I was suing LA Fitness? I went to websites like this and complained. I also sent a complaint to the BBB (FYI, they don't do law suits). It was only then that LA Fitness reacted to anything. Tony made notes on the LA Fitness computer (notes are made every time you have any special situations or issues) when I joined and my profile states that I am able to bring my kids in and includes their ages. That is what I signed up for.

Clair Steven, have your friend check her profile on LA Fitness' computer to see what it says when she joined. Faith & Anthony both lied to me when they said it was only a 12 mth deal. There's nothing on the computer about that. Anthony's lying too when he says that Tony was the one that promised things he couldn't deliver. Tony had to get Anthony's approval on the deal. I too heard Tony was fired for all the promises he made. I was mad at Tony when this situation happened, but now I just feel sorry for him since Anthony still has his job and was also the promise maker.

It's a well known fact that Anthony's homies come in free of charge all the time. I complained about that too, but was assured by Head Office & Nick's assistant that it doesn't happen. They just don't seem to care.


I am dealing with the exact same problem now AND Anthony has said he fired Tony for promising people things they could not deliver when Anthony OK'd my 15 year old to come with free of charge as well. When my friend went in to get a pass she watched 2 men come in without scanning, she gave them the at-a-boy nod! pathetic.


What is it with all of these people whining and complaining...."I suckered them into giving me special treatment and a load of freebies for a year and when it ran out, I went ballistic on them and now want to sue them because they want me to pay family membership rates for my family!"

Or, "I signed up for a membership but I didn't read what I signed. And now they want me stand by what I signed. Imagine that!"


The complaints here that ARE worrisome are the safety and cleanliness at some locations and the cancellation / overcharge that some have experienced. Never should a customer be billed for a single day beyond the month (or day) in which they filed their official "cancel" notice.


Wow sad is this. She never said she would sue your pathetic. People have the right to complain especially when they pay for a service that wasn't up to their standards.


I have also sent an email complaining about Anthony and Faith. They both told me one thing and completely did a different thing.

Talk to anyone else but these two, they will scam you the best they can. Hopefully the more people complain about them, the sooner they will be gone.


My husband has a membership at LA Fitness BP. When he inquired into adding me and our children he was told there would be another enrollment fee plus the monthly fee.

Essentially our boys, ages 10 and 9 would only be able to use the pool.

Me and my boys joined the YMCA in Coon Rapids instead. No enrollment fee (because we have a health ins plan that pays you $20.00 a month if you go 8 times a month the Y waives the $150.00 enrollment fee) and because I lost my job and my unemployment just ended, I was eligible for the flexible payment plan. I pay $56.00 a month for myself and my 2 boys. My 10 year old is allowed to use most of the equipment with the exception of the free weights and the strength training equipment and I could even drop him off by himself if I wanted.

They are both allowed to be in the pool and the gym by themselves while I am working out.

The Y has so many great family activities and my kids have so many options of things they can do there too. Yes, LA Fitness is just a few blocks from home and it may have been more convenient, but financially and for having kids not being able to do anything other than swim, the Y makes alot more sense!


You paid $60 per month for a membership for 5 people...I consider that a steal. If that same deal is no longer offered then go elsewhere.

LA is not making you stay and pay them more money. Complaining on every website you can find won't help your cause. And as for your kids, a 10 year old shouldn't be a member of a gym anyway. #1 they shouldn't be lifting weights and #2 I would be scared out of my mind having to go to a gym at the age of 10.

You want your kids to exercise?? That's what sports and playing outside is for...


It's a gym. They have trained the people who are in charge of membership to make people feel uncomfortable of their weight and strentht only to make them want to rethink of cancelling their membership, telling them the only way they will be acceptable to society is to not cancel their membership and to continue using the gym.


I am aware that rules are rules and all the problems most of us face are because of the money hungry idiots. The staff at this location, however, doesn’t follow them for everyone.

The GM allows non-members to use the facilities. This is a liability. The Training Mgr. is training people but this isn’t allowed because he’s not insured.

This is a liability. When I joined LA Fitness, it was on the condition that my kids be allowed to use the facilities with me (believe it or not I enjoy working out with my kids – it’s something to do together). My kids and I work out with a qualified LA Fitness trainer (they weren’t caught running around). I have cancelled my membership.

The reason I posted my message was to inform other consumers that this location will sell you one thing, then turn around and say your time is up, you need to pay more.

This location is trying to scam another $15/mth out of me. According to Corporate, there is no fee for my “under aged“ kids.


Most gyms require that you are at least 14 if not 16 to use the equipment. Why not enroll your children on a team or something if you want them to stay fit.

Also they are allowed to change their rules and procedures all the time. Perhaps some parent was netglecting their child in the gym, the gym got hurt and though the parent was neglecting the child they sued. Now because of that person we all have to suffer. This is the same reason stores have to lock up expensive items.

We did not have this problem in the 70's but with all the crooks we do.

Blame the crooks for that one. They make things harder for honest people like you and I.


You don't like the charge for your children don't bring them, or better yet cancel your membership. If they gave you your money back BBB can't do a thing.