New England, North Dakota
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The CEO of this corporation should be hung by a rope! They are now open in Stoughton MA making plenty of money and have not yet paid the subcontractors, They never pay their subs on time and have used the backs of the subs to build these places.

They still owe subcontractors plenty of money. This is unfair business practice and should be a criminal offense. (Please don't support this fitness entity) Pure corporate greed! They have built 4 of these facilities in the area.

Do'nt agree to them taking money out of your bank account. You will never be able to stop the deduction unless you close the account.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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STAY AWAY FROM LA-FITNESS!!! After paying LA Fitness a bunch of $$$ and then thought my membership was canceled, I found out an additional $1400 later that it was not canceled.

And of course they won't do anything. LA Fitness CEO Louis Welch will get his. People always do in some way or other, and if he's as big a heater of people as he seems, then someone out there will give him what he has coming. They are basically stealing ...reminiscent of the early '80s fitness places like Ballys.

Those employees should watch out too!! I'm not the only one and I got off light compared to some. But businesses should not be allowed to operate like this without full verbal disclosure!! Don't F*%ken tell me to read a several page contract.

I agree that if we do business that you are a straight company, please let them fail, even if we do a grass roots campaign and sabotage the local facilities.

But fitness is so in these days they must rip off at least 60% of their customers. Hopefully people will get wise.


This ompany bought out my gym of 20 years. they took out the heavy bags i used daily.

they built a gym closer to my house wtih heavy bags and want to charge me 3X what i pay now to go to that gym after i was told when it was built i could transfer my membership but now they want to screw me!

i am F'n furious and cancelling a membership of 20 years!!!

amazing how they stay in business... sad


Surprised the US government doesn't get involved with such consumer abuse. This

company was meant to steal even from the

wises consumers.

No one should have to cancel a credit card just to avoid a company charging them again and again because they choose to play the game of never receiving cancelation forms. Oh well, guess it servces as a good experience for the naive person.