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LA Fitness had my credit card # on file for the purposes of billing my sister's membership fees and mine to it. I also helped my mother sign up and it wasn't made clear that her dues would also be coming off my card.

She gave her card # and our understanding was that she would be billed on it but apparently, only the deposit of first and last came from it. This now made 3 membership fees coming off my card.

Yesterday, my sister took a friend in to have her sign up. They were not told till the very end of the process that once again, the dues would be billed to MY card.

They only found out when they had to sign at the very end. The GM asked my sister to essentially forge my signature and then left her with a simple "make sure your sister knows". He then proceeded to set up a fourth account to be billed to my card without my knowledge or consent. My sister called me in confusion a while later saying she didn't know this would happen and now she had signed and we would have to work out a method to get her friend to pay me.

I phoned the GM in question demanding how he had used my card without my consent and threatened to complain. Instead of the expected apology he informed me that my sister had committed fraud and if I wanted to go down that path, it was my choice. I am now very concerned that this is the cavalier way in which they treat all credit cards...that the consent of the owner does not really matter. Unfortunately, they now that mine on file as well as my mom's, sister's and her friend's.

I have tried hard to find a corporate # to make complaints but have been unsuccessful. I'm going to make a complaint to the Better Business Bureau but I think that is about all I can do.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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