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My husband signed a personal trainer contract with LA Fitness on August 2015, chicago, IL. when the personal trainer signed us up, he said it gonna cost me only $200 for 6 months for me and my husband and we dont have to pay any single penny other than that.

He didnt give us any other information. So, we (me and my husband) believed him and my husband signed the contract. that guy was very much in rush while my husband was signing the contract, giving us no time to check it carefully. we trusted him n we thought its a good deal with just $200 for six months,we can try it out.

but yesterday when my husband checked his credit card statement, he found out they have been taking out $160 every single month for personal training sessions which we had no idea about. We had no clue about $160 per month. and Yesterday we went to cancel the subscription and the same guy tells us that it is a 12 months contract n we cant cancel it. He misleaded us and gave us wrong information.First of all he said it was for 6 months and he said its only $200 for entire 6 months with no hidden cost and now its totally different.

This is a fraudalent act and I dont want to pay a single dime for this forgery. I have no any evidence about wht he said except for me and my husband as witnesses. I dont want to pay them and I dont want this happen to others. For me its a criminal offense to deceive someone with misleading information.

I am not sure wht to do? Any advice would help...Please help!!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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This happen to me! I am so upset. They never mentioned the $200 a month after the fact that charge the 300 contract.