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LA Fitness bad business practices in regards to there binding contracts and how they sell there services or do business, has me up in arms. I will be looking to start a Class Action Law suit against them here in California to make them change how they conduct themselves in this regard..

How long and how many people are going to have to get ripped off by this company, before they rise up and force them to change how they conduct themselves.. I invite you to join me.. Look for more on the web soon!

I am just getting started!

In Corona California

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I also would like to get a class action together for what just happened to me over the last two months with my personal training contract.

LAFitness uses, at best, questionable sales techniques and a tell them what they want to hear sales pitch.

I signed up for a training contract after being given a "sample" training session. The problem is the "sample" session I was given was 10x better than any of the sessions I received after signing the contract. they had a master trainer work me out to the point I almost blacked out (which I liked) but then right after sells me a contract telling me I can have him train me, I can have group sessions, I will get an individualized training program which includes a regiment for the week in addition to my booked training session, the trainer's will work around my schedule, I can cancel if I am unsatisfied after a few weeks, but come to find out none of that happens to be available after I sign the contract. I get a sub par trainer, i get shifted around to multiple sub par trainers, I had trainers tell me its my fault when a session starts late when i was there early, I have trainers try to pawn me off on other trainers because I try to hold them to doing what the master trainer said i was going to get.

I complained to both the location and the corporate office multiple times and i get the same run around stall tactics like: try another trainer, ill call the location and make sure your session wont start late, etc. All so they can keep you past the point where you can cancel (which cancellation time is not disclosed at the time of signing), but even if it was you are mentally and physically exhausted, which is the worst time for you to sign a contract, but the best time for them to sell you one!


In my experience with personal trainers at LA Fitness in Minnesota, is that you the client have to establish a working relationship with a trainer. Talk to people around the gym atmosphere, take notice of other clients that are working out with those trainers, and talk to that client separately.

At one time I had a working relationship with 3 awesome trainers, one trainer molded a workout routine that involved hitting it heavy. Then on following week, the second trainer would follow my routine, and add a couple smaller sets, all the while I would not be hitting it as hard as trainer #1. Lastly my third trainer was more of my crossfit session, full of exercises that focused on light weight more reps per set, and every time at the end of the session I was drenched in sweat.

With that all being said, talk with the individual trainer, establish a client relationship with them.

I learned a lot from my three favorite trainers, and the reason why I don't use them anymore is because they have move on to different employment. Because after getting to know my trainers very well, I found out that they get paid *** from the club, so you're training contract fee goes mostly to the club a small portion to the trainer. So that is probably why the trainers you have used were "sub par."

So make the best of the sessions, ask them workout questions, motivate them as they try and motivate you in your sessions.

Some trainers are going to suck, but you as the client need to maintain more due diligence in creating the working relationship with 1 or 2 trainers. Talk to some of them while you find yourself at the gym on you own and not during your paid sessions.


I am a victim of LA Fitness please count me in on a class action lawsuit. I have called repeatedly to ask for a copy of contract that I never received.

They continue to bill my account and tell me they can not freeze personal training contracts if it is set up for biweekly. They always tell me to call back in thirty minutes or their computer is frozen or slow. They say they will call me back and don't I am so frustrated.

Financially I can not afford this now. :cry :(


Staff member tell you what you want hear and make you sign something else please be aware read your contract before signing anything I was told that my contract was month to month all false :( it happen to me 5/14/2012 be aware


Just happen to on this year 2012 :(


I signed up for LA fitness in October 2010. Shortly after I went through a messy divorce.

I had a training contract for 1 year. After considering my finances and now having to support 2 kids and a house on my own, I could no longer afford the training contract. So in April, after long conversations both on the phone and at the site I was told to either cancel and pay 1/2 the remaing balance or place my contract on hold for 3 months for a $45 fee. So I did that but in 3 months the payments resumed.

I realized they had me so I just gave in. However, I had to take on a second job to support my family. I couldn't even go to the gym as often as I would have liked, let alone sign up for training sessions. So now I have 14 unused sessions.

I was sure I had made it clear to the several people I discussed my situation that I was not renewing my contract in January. Once again, I was billed for the training cost. I went to LA Fitness today and spoke with the man at the front desk and he began to tell me that I was out of luck. When I told him I wanted to speck to someone else he was offended.

I told him that I was a customer and he needed to assure customer service. He told me to read my contract. I did end up speaking to his superior and canceled going forward and he assured me that I could still use the unused sessions. He would try to get my money back but was unsure he would be able to.

It's just basic humanity. I think they should listen to the consumer more considering we are the ones paying the bills.


they are not honoring my all club national lifetime membership from ballys - i bought an all club policy which required an annual $5 fee which i kept paying - and moved from maryland to california and la fitness says i can only use the maryland club or pay additional charges of $20 a month


I would like to take part in a class action law suit against LA Fitness. They debited my card for services of a personal trainer who "forgot" to tell me about additional payments besides the fee they took upfront. They cheated on a 62-year old woman!


Same thing happened to me. I signed up for personal training services for $239 a month.

Next thing I know, I have a pending ACH transaction coming out for $361.92! ALMOST $123.00 MORE THAN WHAT WAS QUOTED!!! So I contact my trainer. He's like, "I'm sorry.

I misquoted the price. I don't know why I said $239. It's actually $262.92. I made a mistake." Then I said, "Well, then, what's the other $99 for?" He said, "That's for all the days you come in to work out at the club without using the personal trainer." I said, "You didn't mention that $99 to me, so why should I have to pay it?" I thought my transferred Bally's membership (which they claimed they would honor) took care of that.

Do they charge transferred Bally's members initiation fees to use their club?

I said to him, "You can't quote me one amount, and then charge me something different. That's a dishonest business practice. You lied to me.

This is dishonest. This is not legal." He's like, "Well, I'll throw in some extra training sessions to make up the difference." Not good enough!!! I'm not paying any more than what was quoted. I am having transaction returned when it hits my bank account.

It's a breach of contract and fraudulent when a company fails to mention fees and then charges them. Even if he made a mistake, I can enforce my contract for the $239.

That's business contract law. Class Action Suit, anyone?????


As in all situations only part of these statements. Ultimately it is your responsibility to to read work you're signing for clear understanding.

No company is perfect and it is not my intent to protect this one however there is a shared responsibility here.

Ultimately it sounds like a blame game. That's the makeup of current society, blame everyone else.


They have a scam going on when you try to cancel membership. They continue to charge your atm months after cancellation.

After I cancelled my atm to stom the charges they hit my wife's credit card.

My wife and bank have filed fraud charges. This is intentional.


I've been a paralegal for many years. It never ceases to amaze me how the consumer is stomped on consistently by corporate America. They want our money, but could care less about integrity and appreciation to that same consumer.

Frankly, when I quit LA Fitness, I drove 12 miles to the corporate office in Newport Beach, CA to deliver my notice of quitting. In my field, I know it is easier for me to go out of my way when dealing with large corporations, which will easliy fight off the consumer who claims that an extra automatic deduction of monthly dues was taken of their bank account AFTER notice of cancellation. In fact, I even had the manager sign a “received” receipt with the date and time. Skeptical? Perhaps….

As for the “Settlement” that was signed and approved by the judge sometime during the summer of 2010 – It apparently has been APPEALED!

Humm…. Because www.gymsettlement.com has been taken down, I cannot readily access the latest update. Honestly, we must ask ourselves how the plaintiffs’ attorneys can justify charging thousands and thousands of dollars (which will never be paid if the case does not win), and let an approved settlement slip through to an appeal? Seriously!

As I said, www.gymsettlement.com has been taken down for months now and a month's free membership or $40 is not worth my time to locate what is going on now. I tried to update my address just in case there was a $40 check coming, but why bother?

Speaking of Scams….. let’s turn to the ATT lawsuit wherein the plaintiff attorneys spent hundreds of thousands of dollars asking the court for extensive damages against the consumer by ATT refusing to provide the lock code numbers for its cell phones. After bleeding the plaintiff attorneys dry, ATT agreed to provide the codes. HOWEVER, the codes are useless. You see the carriers agreed among themselves NOT to accept other carrier’s cell phones on their plans. That’s right, it was a waste of time and money – the consumer is slammed again.



I live in Washington and also got sucked into the LA Fitness Training Scam, So I am trying to cancel everything and am getting nowhere, I am going to call Washington Attorney General and see if that helps, if there is a class action lawsuit going on I would love to be included in that.


I went to the Mary Brickell location in Miami to check out the gym. I was new to the area and still wanted to check out other gyms before I signed a contract.

The slimy salesman Mukesh told me that I could put $100 down and use the club for 15 days, if I was not satisfied I would get a full refund...if i liked it, he would then charge me the initiation fee. He swiped my card on his computer and I signed an electronic pad, believing that it was to authorize the one-time $100 dollar payment. However, I was actually signing a membership contract that I was not shown...or even made aware that I was signing until after the fact. When I questioned him about this; he said to not worry; I was still able to cancel in 15 days for a full refund.

Four days later, I decide to cancel.

Mukesh informs me that I actually only had 3 days to cancel, penalty free and I am obligated to pay the initiation fee and the first/last months dues. He denies ever giving me a 15 day trial period.


LA Fitness charged me two initiation charges. I originally signed up at a Signature club where I was being charged for signing up, first and last month for my membership and kids club for my daughter and I was paying over $75 a month.

Once a new club opened near my home, a regular club (a non-signature), I decided to go to that club instead. On my first day at the new club, the salesmen who checked me in noticed that I had a signature club bar code and began to ask me questions. Once I told him that I didn't plan to go back to my old club he suggested that I change my plan. Because I was interested in saving money I agreed, not knowing that I would be cornered into paying another initiation fee.

I thought I would be signing some paper work and that's all. Well, after all the changes were made to my account and the paperwork cancelling my old account printed out, folded and stapled (and instructions to put a stamp on it and mail it right away) I was asked for my debit card. I was confused as to why he needed my card, then he hit me with the bad news, "you have to pay the initiation fee for a new plan, it only $150, In the end you will save so much." Needless to say I was pissed because my payment for the month ($75) had been deducted a couple days earlier and if I HAD to pay another initiation fee they shwould at least deducted the $75 I had already paid. That was not the case at all, I was FORCED to pay another $150 in addition to the $75.

The salesman suggested I speak with the manager to see if there was anything he could do to help me. Because he was with another customer I waited until I was done working out to speak to him. After briefing him on my situation he asked me to stop by before my workout the next day and he could better assist me. The next day I saw him first thing in the morning as he instructed, but he seemed lost and confused by what I was talking about.

By the end of our conversation he told me that all he could do was give me a few months free. Although I was not satisfied, I agreed to it because it was better than nothing but I told him that I would be contacting corporate about this situation. After searching endlessly, I have yet to find contact info on corporate and after asking employees of the club for the info no one seemed to have any answers. This all took place in August of this year, and after the manager and the salesman had been playing ping pong with me about the free months being added, here it is November and I have yet to receive one free month.

By the way, I haven't been to the gym in over a month because the male employees openly flirt with me, stare without care, and make inappropriate sexual commits about my body and how other women would love to have my shape. It's rude and it makes me uncomfortable to workout with them around.

Something needs to happen. NOW...


Call the attorny generals office they will help you. I am working with them, but I am going to look for a Lawyer for a class action lawsuite.


I signed up with LA Fitness Dec 2009. In April 2010 I had gotten injured and could not use the membership, child care, training.

I froze the membership for $10 per month. On July 9 I was laid off, on July 12 took the lay off notice and said need to cancel. LA Fitness cancelled the membership and child care but not the training contract. I am still arguing with them that you cannot get blood from a stone, my job went to India, I can't pay the remainder of the contract.

Local LA Fitness told me that Corporate would see if I could get hardship cancellation due to circumstances. Filled out all paperwork and sent to Calif.

Now its Oct 2010 and they are calling me they tried to charge my old credit card its invalid, they want new credit card number, I had to cancel the old one due to identity theft. Still not working, still injured, LA Fitness can die.


I'm another victim of LA Fitness. They gave me the super speech and I signed up for the trainer session that I told them only wanted for 3 months.

I got severely injured on first session, spent 5 days at the hospital and now I have a medication treatment for at least 3 months and more than 2 thousand on medical bills. Ive requested cancellation, refund, freeze, and all they can do is Lie. It has been impossible for me to cancel this BS agreement.

Please we need to get together an sue them!! I will be reading frequently to see if someone is organizing a lawsuit.






I was a former General Manager for LA Fitness in PA. They have very poor business ethics, that is why I left the company.

There unwritten policy is that if you try to cancel your membership, you can't do it by coming in to the gym, not on the internet, but must mail in your notice to cancel. If you do mail it in and it is not sent by certified mail with delivery confirmation, they will discard the cancellation and say they never received it. Also according to Federal Fitness Club Act, it is illegal to charge 2 initiation costs to join. They charge one at sign up and one when you join with the personal trainers.

The companies might have different names but is owned by the same person. The company and its employees are greedy. The sales people are given the ability to charge peoples accounts by the click of a button because your credit cards are on file. The employees are charging the account to get the commission, or hit there goals for the day and then canceling them later so you don't find out.


If the charges also cause you to overdraft your account, because they illegally charge your account, they won't reimburse your overdraft fees. I highly recommend that a lawyer takes this class action suit on and I would love to let them know the shady practices of LA Fitness.