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LA Fitness is settling one of several class action lawsuits filed against its company for unlawful and egregious behavior. One of them is for Personal Training www.fitnessservicesettlement.com.

The others involve membership cancellation. LA Fitness is by far the most disgusting, and rude company I've ever experienced. The sales and personal training managers steal commissions from trainers, and deceive so many people on a daily basis. The PT sales staff purposely injure prospective clients during their "complimentary training sessions".

They insult and degrade people to show how out of shape they are. My advice to any individual who has had money stolen from them by personal training managers and sales reps is to file a claim form. The Personal Training ones should have arrived already, and/or are available online. The Membership ones will arrive when the membership lawsuit settles.

If possible, file an individual lawsuit against them, whether it be in conciliation court, local or federal court. The only way to stop their collection process is to file a claim form or complaint.

Wipe out this company so it files for bankruptcy. Don't wait a moment longer, file a claim form against them.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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I saw their "No Enrollment Fee!!" sign and went in with my arm in a brace.I explained that I needed to see a specialist and wasn't sure if my finger just had to be re-set,or required surgery.She insisted on taking all my information,promising not to do a thing until she heard from me.She began stealing money from my acct on day one-which continued for months!!!I went through the call and letters process,etc.NOTHING.I cancelled my debit card.Am

Miss Elvira

Thank you, I find this very interesting. was unaware of any class action, I have had and seen many complaints.


OMG. Same with me.

I paid first and last months upon sign up and told I could cancel at anytime. They call constantly.. Their favorite is Saturday and Sunday mornings @ 7 am. I have to turn my ringer off when I sleep.

It is embaressing as people around me see me try and explain and its as if they are bill collectors. They will not take me off. I threatened to create a harrassment suit after me patiently explaining to every branch in the US of LA Fitness sharing that I had canceled, and I no longer was interested. Some branches have taken me off but I constantly have random area codes calling to harass me and threaten me to give a new card number.

It was at least 7 calls a day in the beginning and they ran a payment 3 times which is why I decided to cancel in the first place. I only got one of them refunded and am so sick and tired of the harrasment