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LA Fitness is now allowing cleaning women in the MEN's locker rooms during normal business hours. Nothing like being surprised, as you turn away from the urinal naked.

The men's locker room is a "non-coed" open area to the showers, sauna, urinals, toilets and of course the lockers and benches. This is an area where members dress, undress, and walk around with out any clothing but caring a towel, in most cases.

LA Fitness management supports this policy. It is bad enough having to deal with the *** behavior in the men's locker room. They could at least send in hottie cleaning woman.

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In Chicago do u know where?


LA fitness. Do u know any area in chicago women allow enter men locker room to clean like some one there?


What about Chicago? Any area women allow enter men locker room for clean?


The cleaning lady at my LAF does a great job and I appreciate how difficult it is. While she does have to work in the men’s locker room with nude men around, she is very respectful and polite, as are the men.

I have had many polite conversations with her while completely nude. It’s only a problem if you make it a problem.

to Jeff #1506575

Ok I agree. But u should admit is something strange that wouldn't happen in womens locker. Where is your LAF Jeff?


The worst part is on days the cleaning lady work the locker room is packed with naked dudes when she changes schedule they do.

to Anonymous #1493821

Always in Phoenix? U mean she enters while men are naked? Just to change the towels or cleaning near lockers and showers not caring about naked dudes?


I have warned LA Fitness twice this year already for the same thing.one could only assume a law suit is coming very soon.I will be following up to see if this will change or not then take action as I see fit.

to Greg #1566500

Just witnessed this in my lafitness and I'm pissed. Ready to call an attorney


It's increbile. An incredible Double Standard.

So the ladies come in while men are showering as well? What are the typical situations?Such things wouldn't happen in womens' locker.


Who cares what gender cleans the locker room and showers as long as it gets done. And, who cares who sees you naked.

Nothing is going to happen, they are just doing a job. Get over yourself!


Same thing is going on here at the LaFitness at 2200 W Northern Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021

These 3 cleaning ladies have seen my penis and *** more than my wife has in the last week.

Yesterday there were 2 of us taking a shower and 2 of them came in to fill up the soap dishes. I was already out standing full frontal when they came around the corner. No sign indicating cleaning ladies were there.


I think I'll start showering in the ladies locker room and see if anyone cares.

to HOJCAT #1443321

Hojcat, is still happening? Other situations? Incredible!


I will be cancelling my gym membership with this new program. I've been going to LA Fitness for years and never have I experienced this,before.

Today I was there and there were two girls cleaning.

Never in all the years of going to this gym has there been so much cleaning in the locker room. Totally unnecessary!!


I am a woman & just had to change clothes with men (employees) in the women's locker room. I asked them to leave while I changed because I had to go to work.

They refused. I had to change with them in there.

Do I have any legal recourse? (This LA Fitness does not provide any alternative places to change.)


The guy that cleaned quit and the manager who was female would come in and collect towels occasionally. This was also not long after all the shower curtains were destroyed.

She told me they had a hard time finding men to do the work. Which was strange conversation while taking a shower fully exposed, but there would be huge piles of towels and no else to pick them up. Later they had a guy there all but two days and a lady the rest. I got to prefer her.

She kept the locker room way cleaner and less guys used it. Yeah she would give a smile any time you were nude in front of her but she didn't stare and would go about her way.

to Anonymous #1443323

Where it happens?

Los Angeles, California, United States #1249965

This same thing happened to me however I was on the other side of the locker when I heard a female voice. She had not blocked off the room at all and you could not tell she was even in there.

I had undressed and I was ready to walk over to the scale but after I heard her voice I got dressed and walked over and said what are you doing? I went to management and I think she lost her job.

Dubai Knowledge Management does not condone that. What gym are you at?

Chino Hills, California, United States #1185151

Does LA fitness plan to go co-ed in their shower and locker rooms anytime in the future?qekexa


if a man was in the women's locker room cleaning the news team would be reported. I was in the locker room using urinal and other was dressing a lady came to empty the trash.

There was no warning and no signs. I went to front desk and file a complaint. She was in there to check the guys out.

This is not right! I think guys should be in the women's locker room and see how fast that would stop!

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