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LA Fitness is now allowing cleaning women in the MEN's locker rooms during normal business hours. Nothing like being surprised, as you turn away from the urinal naked.

The men's locker room is a "non-coed" open area to the showers, sauna, urinals, toilets and of course the lockers and benches. This is an area where members dress, undress, and walk around with out any clothing but caring a towel, in most cases.

LA Fitness management supports this policy. It is bad enough having to deal with the *** behavior in the men's locker room. They could at least send in hottie cleaning woman.

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I have warned LA Fitness twice this year already for the same thing.one could only assume a law suit is coming very soon.I will be following up to see if this will change or not then take action as I see fit.


It's increbile. An incredible Double Standard.

So the ladies come in while men are showering as well? What are the typical situations?Such things wouldn't happen in womens' locker.


Who cares what gender cleans the locker room and showers as long as it gets done. And, who cares who sees you naked.

Nothing is going to happen, they are just doing a job. Get over yourself!


Same thing is going on here at the LaFitness at 2200 W Northern Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021

These 3 cleaning ladies have seen my penis and *** more than my wife has in the last week.

Yesterday there were 2 of us taking a shower and 2 of them came in to fill up the soap dishes. I was already out standing full frontal when they came around the corner. No sign indicating cleaning ladies were there.


I think I'll start showering in the ladies locker room and see if anyone cares.

to HOJCAT #1443321

Hojcat, is still happening? Other situations? Incredible!


I will be cancelling my gym membership with this new program. I've been going to LA Fitness for years and never have I experienced this,before.

Today I was there and there were two girls cleaning.

Never in all the years of going to this gym has there been so much cleaning in the locker room. Totally unnecessary!!


I am a woman & just had to change clothes with men (employees) in the women's locker room. I asked them to leave while I changed because I had to go to work.

They refused. I had to change with them in there.

Do I have any legal recourse? (This LA Fitness does not provide any alternative places to change.)


The guy that cleaned quit and the manager who was female would come in and collect towels occasionally. This was also not long after all the shower curtains were destroyed.

She told me they had a hard time finding men to do the work. Which was strange conversation while taking a shower fully exposed, but there would be huge piles of towels and no else to pick them up. Later they had a guy there all but two days and a lady the rest. I got to prefer her.

She kept the locker room way cleaner and less guys used it. Yeah she would give a smile any time you were nude in front of her but she didn't stare and would go about her way.

to Anonymous #1443323

Where it happens?

Los Angeles, California, United States #1249965

This same thing happened to me however I was on the other side of the locker when I heard a female voice. She had not blocked off the room at all and you could not tell she was even in there.

I had undressed and I was ready to walk over to the scale but after I heard her voice I got dressed and walked over and said what are you doing? I went to management and I think she lost her job.

Dubai Knowledge Management does not condone that. What gym are you at?

Chino Hills, California, United States #1185151

Does LA fitness plan to go co-ed in their shower and locker rooms anytime in the future?qekexa


if a man was in the women's locker room cleaning the news team would be reported. I was in the locker room using urinal and other was dressing a lady came to empty the trash.

There was no warning and no signs. I went to front desk and file a complaint. She was in there to check the guys out.

This is not right! I think guys should be in the women's locker room and see how fast that would stop!

to Anonymous #1291149

"Oh, wahhh, if a man did that... Wahhh!"

Mostly FALSE, buttercup.

The "If a man did that..." is a crybaby cliche repeated by puppets to make men feel less privileged. And when it's said, the speaker of said hypothetical is never challenged to prove it's true even 50% of the time.

Oh, sure. I'm sure it's true in outlying events.

But then it's also true that men rape women...

in outlying events.

See what I did there?

Last week, an unannounced, unescorted, unidentified man just waltzed through the ladies dressing area. When I approached him, he pretended I wasn't speaking to him. When he had no choice but to acknowledge me he threw an "I'm working" in an FU b;tch attitude. I informed management and let them deal with it.

My only input (not demand) was that he be fired (like the lady in the OP of this webpage should have been fired). No "Sexy Action News!" No newspaper. No Yelp. No email campaign.

No GLORIA STEINEM! But I can do all those things if you really, REALLY want ACTUAL less privilege. (Not just imaginary no-privelege). Look, I handled it locally and gave the manager the respect to handle the gym and its staff.

I don't deserve credit for it either, especially the condescending kind anti-woman men like to backslap naive women with: "(clap clap clap) FINALLY a woman reacts with sanity and doesn't harm an innocent man and puts women in their place! Truly, madam, thank you! Finally!" (And that woman takes her back-handed gratitude with foolish pride). B...

S! Women have been handling such situations with ease and grace for a long time. It's the few reactionaries we get dinged for. All men aren't raping machines just because a few are.

The same goes for women. Just because you see a small fraction of overreactions, doesn't mean "Yeah! That's what women do!" (Interjection: If your reaction is to argue statistics--violations: rapes VS men injured by overreacting women--think "per capita" and not raw numbers. It's all wrong.

It's not a competition. End of.) Anyway, the next time I read "If a man did that..." stupidity either from a man OR a woman-hating woman (which won't be long in this woman-hating MRA landscape that is the internet)... well, maybe I will make sure it comes true the next time since I'm already to blame for it. You know, since so many of you claim it's true, maybe I'll help it ACTUALLY be true?

Eh? Huh? Right? (Ohhhh!

Ouch! LOL. You know that visceral reaction you had, that "You spiteful B;TCH! You would do it on purpose?!

Typical b;tch!" reaction? That is a self-betrayal of admission that you KNOW "If a man did that..." is hyperbole at best, and a lie at worse. And you KNOW it's unfair to women. And you do NOT actually want it to come true.) (Now...

if I can view at least one website today that doesn't have an unprovoked insult against women in it... I guess that means avoiding Yahoo! and YouTube.) ps. really, I came to the internet to see if it happens a lot.

I'm thinking it's an underlying problem that happens on occasion. But there is a growing number of knucklehead straight cis-men who are doing into the ladies locker room just to be spiteful anti-trans aholes. Look, if you're a woman all day long (cis or trans) then please use the Ladies. Stay out if you're a man all day long.

Same goes for cis-chicks running into the men's. Just stop it. Stop being spiteful cretins about trans people like you deserve a right to go into the other locker room when you have no actual need like they do. It's not a special right.

You didn't miss out on the cereal prize before your sibling got it. Cut it out!

Grow up! thank you.


Yeah they do this at my Texas gym too. One morning all the shower stalls were out of soap except one without a curtain.

So I'm fully nude and exposed when I look over and see the cleaning lady getting an eyeful. She seemed to be trying to mind her business but she definitely looked.

I apologized and got out as soon as possible. I was too embarrassed to say anything.

to Anonymous #1291154

It's too bad you apologized. It was she (and the gym!) who should have apologized to you.


I agree! They need to do it after hours so that it will be a more thorough job. When they do it with men in there it gets messed up as they clean it and they are in a hurry to get out of there by closing time.


Why can't they clean it after hours? Or block it off for an hour. I think posting a sign that states 'Women working in Locker room" is at least an appropriate step in the right direction.


Lets have men cleaning the ladies locker room... During business hours see how that goes..that knife cuts both ways.....a women has no business in a mens locker room..and a man has no business in a ladies locker room during business hours..LA needs a cleaning service after hours...the locker room floors and shower stalls are disgusting..

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1244560

its happening, LA Fitness is now allowing men in the ladies locker room for maintenance unbelievable

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1291204

Stop making sense. We're supposed to be pretending men are perpetual victims of the metastatic misandrist society that gives women special treatment, cash & prizes, while men & boys toil away for meager scraps, a guilty look at side-b00b and ["latest thing THEY suffer but women don't suffer--even though women do suffer it but because men are suffering it it's more important and therefore women don't actually suffer it"] harm.

Oh, I'll get the hateful comments...

read what they said first. (But that never really counts, does it?)

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