Hialeah, Florida
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LA Fitness is now allowing cleaning women in the MEN's locker rooms during normal business hours. Nothing like being surprised, as you turn away from the urinal naked.

The men's locker room is a "non-coed" open area to the showers, sauna, urinals, toilets and of course the lockers and benches. This is an area where members dress, undress, and walk around with out any clothing but caring a towel, in most cases.

LA Fitness management supports this policy. It is bad enough having to deal with the *** behavior in the men's locker room. They could at least send in hottie cleaning woman.

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Me and my buddy were stripped and went to take our *** before we showered. As we were exploding and wrecking the bathroom area we both noticed a young cleaning woman thru the door cracks. It was a bit embarrassing when we both emerged nude from our stalls.


men cleaning womens locker room and women cleaning mens lockeroom during open hours, is happening in the bradenton location. guess la fit justifies this be equal opportunity but is really not needed, and shouldn't be happenning


This is also going on in Tampa and it's illegal. You can report this to Dept of Human Services and they will act. I did


you call to report this they dont care. management need to get walked in their employee


Imagine if one of the cleaning women is your daughter, mother, neighbor. It's terribly wrong , men should clean mens rooms, women should clean womens rooms


What if guys are pooping ? they still just walk right into the toilet area? that's just wrong


This is one happening in the TRUMBULL CT facility. Guys are naked and being eye balled by female staff.

Makes it uncomfortable. On Saturday morning two people were having srx in the hot tub.

Lafitness is out of control. It's really a sex club.

@Tom Griffen

Tom what do you mean? Is it happening everytime?

In Mens locker is there always, or very often, the female staff?

Cleaning ladies? Please answer


In Chicago do u know where?


LA fitness. Do u know any area in chicago women allow enter men locker room to clean like some one there?


What about Chicago? Any area women allow enter men locker room for clean?


The cleaning lady at my LAF does a great job and I appreciate how difficult it is. While she does have to work in the men’s locker room with nude men around, she is very respectful and polite, as are the men.

I have had many polite conversations with her while completely nude. It’s only a problem if you make it a problem.


Ok I agree. But u should admit is something strange that wouldn't happen in womens locker. Where is your LAF Jeff?


Yesterday I was at sauna; in Sunrise. I was wearing my under wear and without my Bra.

Suddenly I was surprised by a man who works as a front desk who said: I was told that you were naked in the sauna. I told him that over ten years I’ve got the LA membership and I’ve never had that sort of problem. This man made a point of pretending he did not understand what I was talking about and made me uncomfortable. He did not want to hear me and kept repeating that I was naked.

It was a very humiliating and vulnerável situation for me.

I do not believe that a man has the right to invade thecwomen’s Locker room, go to the women’s sauna, and even humiliated me as this front desk from The LA Fitness located at 3500 N. University Drive, Sunrise, FL 33319 did to my person.

@Claudia F Dos Santos

Complain to the Corporate office HR. They will take care of it ASAP


The worst part is on days the cleaning lady work the locker room is packed with naked dudes when she changes schedule they do.


Always in Phoenix? U mean she enters while men are naked? Just to change the towels or cleaning near lockers and showers not caring about naked dudes?


I have warned LA Fitness twice this year already for the same thing.one could only assume a law suit is coming very soon.I will be following up to see if this will change or not then take action as I see fit.


Just witnessed this in my lafitness and I'm pissed. Ready to call an attorney


You have WARNED them wow arent you full of yourself, I got an action you can do get the *** out and work out at home!!!