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Let me start off by saying that La Fitness in Clifton, NJ is not a bad gym. It has a few perks and negative things as well.

It all depends on how you look at things and what kind of person YOU are. Location wise it is horrible. If you are trying to loose weight make sure you go in and out blind folded. You have tasty bakeries, ice cream shops, and other resturants surrounding the gym.

Anywhere you turn, there is a food place staring at you. They really could not have picked a worse location. Next, if you are looking to meet a new boyfriend/girlfriend this is the place to go! Between the hours of 5 and 8 pm during business days, it appears that its just a big game of who is gonna hook up with who.

Ladies,if you work out in any type of yoga or form fitting clothing, you will be gawked at like you are the only female on the planet. If you like this, then this is the gym for you! Guys will get off the equipment early to watch the females try to work out. And the females who are searching for their next boyfriend just stand around and drool as their future bf sweats it out showing off for her.

Its a sight to be seen. Moving forward.. The cardio equipment, forget about it... if you want to use anything, prepare for war.

The staff claims it is a 20 minute wait for a tradmill when packed... yeah, sure. Try a 90 minute wait. The front desk staff, dont ask them anything, dont say anything to them, dont look at them because no matter what you ask, " oh let me check", " oh ill get back to you..

or they look at you nasty. Please management get some decent people working there. Next, I would like to address the trainers. If you are looking to loose weight and train with a real trainer, please do not get robbed by Pro Results.

You will get hit with an additional registration/admin fee and their rates for what they actually do are ridiculous! The trainers let you slack like crazy. Dont worry, more then half of your session you will be drinking water and relaxing. You may as well download a program and have someone tell you what to do via ipod or read it from your phone.

They do not correct your form or give you any form of advice. It is like they are blindly reading some sort of script that they have been repeating for years. They do not care about how you do it or even if you do it. The fact that they said it is more then enough.

I am so sorry to put the trainers down, because I have only trained with one for my free session, but before I went it, I was warned that it was no where near worth it. They also, do not show up on time, forget what you look like.. kind of like 50 first dates. I am sure the trainers do good work with some clients.

I am sure if you read to this point you already understand what I am talking about. They are still nice to you and say hi ( like the staff should) just if you are not paying them crazy money, they go into auto pilot- easy mode. Also, unless you are a client of theirs... Every time they see you, yeah, they will say hi BUT if you try to talk to them its like they met you for the first time..

unless, you have your ta-tas falling out of your skimpy tank top or your leggings are see through. Then they know your first and last name, date of birth, and are your best friends. Like I said, La fitness is not a horrible gym. The equipment works and you can definitely make new friends and what have you.

However, if you are looking for a serious work out.

Try a gym which has parking, is less crowded, and does not have guys/girls grilling you like chicken when you are trying to work out. Its a great place to socialize if you have time for it, but serious work out, you have to adjust to their schedule, not them to yours.

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