Edison, New Jersey

Went to the sales office for their new club. If you are wearing a short skirt, pumps, and falling out of your blouse, then you will get attention.

If you are male, serious and taller than average, expect to be ignored by the less vertically endowed. I was told to watch the video and then asked "if I had any questions?" by the steroided Apocalypto-type. I guess I look too much like a cop.

Do not beleive them when they say the club will be open in 1 week - they don't even have carpet on the floor yet, let alone all the equipment set up. By the way, you start paying on their projected - no the actual - opening date.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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La fitness in Clifton is awful!!! The sign in sheet and half hr wait for spin class is ridiculous as is the horrendous parking situation!

The people who work out there look like criminals. Not very appealing.

This gym took an enormous nose dive since I joined when they first opened. Not recommended!!!!


During the cold months, and peak hours you will not find a locker. Half of the *** don't even put locks on their lockers, they just shove their gym bags and walk away.

Its basically open season for any weak minded thief. I'm under the impression that LA Fitness is a corporate engine that doesn't give a *** about anything because it trickles down and is very reflective on how the employees act towards you. The bathrooms are grimy, no paper towels, and soap if you're lucky. Nothing is consistent.

The layout sucks. The equipment faces the walkway, so everyone coming in and leaving stares at you while you're working out, kinda annoying. The hot tub is always under "maintenance" and rarely works. The place is like a "sign you up" factory, once you sign up for a few months, you're forgotten about.

that place has up to 50 people signing up a day, and they can't even put paper towels and soap in the bathroom. Run far, far away!


:( The arobics director is a little girl with a nasty condecending attitude and runs the program as such . She has ONE good instructor in Clifton on Friday Morning and ONE good instructor in Secaucus, other than that the classes @#$% , does not know how to speak to adults, I guess because she is a little girl , not sure ! She needs to GO and they have to get someone that knows the difference between a GOOD instructor and one that stops and reads her cards to remember the steps she is teaching OH WAIT that was her that does that YOUR DIRECTOR


:( The arobics director is a little girl with a nasty condecending attitude and runs the program as such . She has ONE good instructor in Clifton on Friday Morning and ONE good instructor in Secaucus, other than that the classes @#$% , does not know how to speak to adults, I guess because she is a little girl , not sure ! She needs to GO and they have to get someone that knows the difference between a GOOD instructor and one that stops and reads her cards to remember the steps she is teaching OH WAIT that was her that does that YOUR DIRECTOR


THIS PLACE IS TERRIBLE. I canceled my memebership after one month.

Nothing here but lazy dirty disrespectful criminals.

If you like to work out in you tims, jeans down to your ***, and over sized white T's then you the man and this is your gym. When I started seeing dudes I locked up I knew I had to either start bringing my gat to the gym or quit.


Gym is a joke. It is disgutsing and dirty.

There is no parking and the 'clients' are a bunch of savages/and or animals.

It reminds me of of prison yard(yelling, cursing at each other out loud, weights all over the floor, complete lack of respect). Stay far away.


This place is a cesspool.The members are pigs like from a third world country. No soap, no paper towels, all the mens toilets are broken, the lockers are vandalized.

This is disgusting, the management is too busy flirting with the girls to give a ***. a total mess


absolutely horrible. for me the only perk is that i live LESS than a minute drive away, but at this point i'm willing to drive much farther to go somewhere better.

there is no point in going after 5pm, because you wont be able to get a parking spot, letting alone a machine. security and theft is always an issue. there is rarely paper towels in the bathroom or cardio floor. most of the staff is EXTREMELY rude.

the training manager is a total pig that i've caught blatantly staring at girls behinds on several occasions. it seems that every time im on the treadmill he will walk up to my machine and lean on it and harass me about getting a training session with him.

NO THANK YOU! do yourself a favor - don't join here.


joined the gym since September and I have nothing bad to say about it. I barely use the lockers, but when i do walk in, it seems fine to me.

I use it mostly for the racquetball courts. I guess i'm used to the Ballys in Wayne, and this is a huge upgrade from that gym. I did get my car broken into at 5am on a monday!! that's my only concern.

I can't complain about the front desk, i normally go in the mornings, between 9am-12pm, and i never have to wait for machines, and it never stinks or smells.

Not too sure what the negative remarks are, but maybe it has to do with the time? i dont know, as this does not sound like the same gym I go to.


I've been a member of LA Fitness for about 3 years. I originally joined in Wayne but the location was so far away I stopped going.

I was thrilled when I found out they were going to open a club in Clifton. It's only 5 minutes away from me. I'm so sorry that I kept my membership. Where do I start.

The parking is horrible, the locker rooms are disgusting, everything is broken, the machines are either broken or gross, the spa is constantly closed,and the pool is too. The staff couldn't be less helpful and the customers? Oh, the customers! Rude, nasty and they treat the place like it's a prison yard gym.

I tried to tell the manager about the problems and he brushed me off by saying it was the time I came. He said I should make the sacrifice and go at 5am. In other words? "I really don't care because I get paid anyway." No one cares that the gym attracts the wrong element.

The cops are there constantly, things go missing and there are children all over the place. I can't workout even if I tried because the overcrowding is horrible. If you get a parking spot be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes for any useful machine because people stay on for about an hour and there is always someone else waiting to get on. I've even seen teenagers standing on machine taling to each other.

When I asked one if I could use it while she was talking she made a nasty comment, cracked her gum in my face and went back to talking.

My advice? Don't waste your time, save your money and aggrivation and go somewhere else.


I tried this gym for a week before I joined, and I did not like it at all.

But due to my location I joined anyhow because they have a pool, which is now broken along with the Jacuzzi. The locker room is disgusting, I had swimming goggles stolen, and I left a 20 dollar bill on my treadmill.

I walked away and before I even hit the steps to walk downstairs, I realized I left it in the cup holder. No more than 1 minute, and the money was gone. There were several people around the treadmill, but what are you gonna do. Rhetorical!

The trash in the bathroom is so full people just throw stuff on the floor, the toilet paper is sometimes laid on the floor because the are too lazy to put it in the dispenser. This place is a walking virus. Even if they added more benches in the locker room, I would never sit on them. Unless I wanted Shingles.

The only reason I even put up with this gym is because I go during Off-Peak hours, and its not too bad during those times. But seriously, I have been a member in over 20 gyms, and have worked as a trainer in several.

Even when I was 15, and they had a dirt floor in the back where all the leg equipment was, we wore cleats to do squats in; that gym was cleaner. LA FITNESS, your Clifton NJ location is abysmal, and it has tarnished your name.


Horrible sanitary conditions. I have told the front desk numerous times that the carido equipment needs a good cleaning.

Even thought I wipe mine down before and after it still feels slimy. When I went to the so called manager today to complain, he said that his sales, and front desk staff are the cleaning people and they do not have a company that comes in anymore. Every week the management changes, and every week I get more and more pissed off. I am so sorry I left NYSC in Clifton.

They had a great facility that was spotless, and constantly clean.

This place is a mess, there is NO parking, and the customer service is horrible. Please do yourself a favor and do not sign up!!!


the gym is great. The problem is the staff, the ghetto rats, the people with zero etiquette who cant even put one freakin dumbbell back in it's spot.Barely anyone strips a machine there.

I try to lead by example but it goes unnoticed. I have even approached many members and asked them, whether i was using the machine or not if they are going to leave it like that_ like 25 plates on a leg press where they can't even do 1 full rep. But they do it. Some people like to take 5 sets of dumbbells and keep them all to themselves like they are in a sports school.

The management sucks. Nobody even greets you at the desk, let alone fix a machine in under a week or three. The gym is run terrible, most of the crowd cant speak english and have no manners.

But i guess you get what you pay for. you couldn't pay me to go at prime time there.


in the locker room they have one bench for every 60 lockers, this is insane since everyone puts their stuff on the benches while they are showering and getting changed.


I joined this gym for the raquetball because Elmwood Park closed. What a mistake.

This place is so oversold you can not find a locker. The locker room, bathroom and showers are filthy and smell like a sewage treatment plant. It seems like the age limit is 11 in the gym.

I don't understand how anyone would sign up for a membership after trying it. The price is cheap but is like the old saying "You get what you pay for".


Thanks everybody for the heads-up. I was thinking about joining because of it's location.

I'm presently at Retro Fitness in Wallington. I guess I'll be staying put at Retro!!


Funny that the one positive comment is from someone under 16. Typical for that place. They have Clifton police officers daily due to the crime, which is further proof about the clientele this place attracts


I actually like this gym because its really big. But I dislike how you have to be 16 or older to use the pool when its only about 3-4 feet.

It also smells really bad.

But they do infact have things to wash the machines on the walls but some peole mistake it for hand sanitizer. Anyway evry gym has its flaws and personally I like this gym.


This gym is a deplorable excuse for a gym. It is so overcrowded and poorly run that it barely can function as a gym.

The employees are rude and unhelpful. The are clueless and the turn around rate is about a week, since in the 2 months I've been going there I've seen a different *** almost weekly at the front desk. The Childcare is a lawsuit/horrible preventable accident in the making. They have about 30 children in there, about 15 babies, in there and ONE worker.

One poor young college student with no childcare experience...overseeing a room with hazardous climbing equipment and NO TOYS. The "new" Operation manager won't hire additional help. There is a separate baby area, but they can't use it because there is only 1-2 workers, when they need at least 4-5 workers in there due to the volume they get in there. And this is during the week from 9-12!!

Apparently in the afternoon it is double that. I cannot leave my children in there in good faith. It would be negligent on my part as their mother. You cannot get into a Spin class unless you arrive to sign in 30 minutes to an hour before it starts.

And this is only the weekday 9am one. Apparently the 5:45pm class is a 2 hour wait! What a joke. Because people have all that extra time to devote to waiting around to work out in an overcrowded, *** poor run mega gym that caters to Juice heads, Snookies, and ex-Soprano extras from Belleville?

So don't waste your time or money at La Fitness Clifton. It is horrible gym and I've been a member of three different gyms and while I understand each gym has their issues, this place is just one giant Clusterf@@k


This gym is for those who cannot afford a real gym. So all the losers in the area will go here.

Have fun.

My gym gives me towels and there are not too many weirdos around. Some orange *** yes but still not that bad.