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Walked into the La Habra La Fitness store today with my wife and spoke to a salesman named "Mo" to get pricing. He wouldn't give me his last name by the time all was said and done.

We were already planning on signing up regardless of the price really, we just wanted to decide whether we were going to keep our YMCA membership at the same time. We told "Mo" that we were not going to sign up at this moment because we were short on time and just needed pricing. He would NOT give us pricing no matter what we said! He kept telling us "Well, why don't you go check out some other gyms, get pricing and come back in when you're serious".

The rudeness was pouring out of him. I couldn't believe it. Dude, we just need some pricing real quick and we'll be back. "Well I'm not going to give you any pricing till your serious and ready to join".

My wife and I stood up and proceeded to leave as he yells to the people sitting at the front desk, " Pfft, Ha-ha, these guys are trying to hardball me". We proceeded to get into an argument after that at which time he was yelling at me to "go to 24 hour fitness which was cheaper, we don't need you here". I didn't need cheaper. I just wanted the use of another gym besides YMCA so my wife could use some of the bike classes and such.

I will never go back to this place again.

After reading a lot of the comments online before posting this I can see a lot of other people have had problems with LA fitness as well. Get some people skills there "Mo"!

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I know Mo and you must have been rude or said something. Your story is conflicting.

Mo is polite and treats people respectfully.

He gave my daughter a months pass just to try it.( he offered it)If you go to la fitness la habra then you would no Jim for his big smile and he's always greeting people. I'm sure by reading your long lengthy hate yelp that you have an anger issue.