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My wife went to LA Fitness in the second week of November 2015 to sign up with the gym and also to get some personal training. She wanted 8 sessions of personal training, one per week. The person she talked to offered her different options of 8 sessions or 12 sessions. She was never offered 6 months or 12 months of personal training.

She and I agreed on before she went to LA Fitness that she will get about 10 personal training sessions.

In order to sign up for personal training sessions LA Fitness requires to be a gym member because only gym members can use the gym. Gym membership is $29.95. Deborah wanted a 12 months gym membership. She gave them the credit card to process the membership and then signed on a tablet the "contract" for the personal training.

However, the agreed upon details of the contract were not visible or readable on the tablet. Nothing indicated that the "contract" was over anything different than 8 sessions of personal training. That is what was written down by hand on a piece of paper. 8 sessions of personal training was her intention and the person processing that never indicated otherwise.

So the real contract was over 8 sessions, each sessions $55 with one session per week, billed monthly at $220.

The print out of the fraudulent "contract" was however over 51 plus 3 sessions and 12 times $220!

When we saw that LA Fitness was taking money out from our credit card, we disputed with AMEX.

We did cancel whatever legal part of contract or gym membership is valid. We do NOT acknowledge the faked contract that LA Fitness fabricated. That one never got valid as my wife never had the intention to do more than 8 sessions.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Did you have to face any repercussions with your credit score or nasty calls from the fitness club later?

Exactly similar thing happened to me.

I went in for 8 sessions and they secretly signed me up for 8 sessions per month for a year - each month costing 360 bucks!!!! when I question them after 3 months, they now say I am liable to pay the rest of the year if I break my contract. Isn't it the basic responsibility of the sales person to clarify what the customer is getting into and what happens if the contract is broken within one year, if the sales guy knew that he/she was selling a one year contract. Of course, for the customer like me, who has only 8 sessions in mind, will definitely not think of a reason of breaking a contract signed for ONLY 8 sessions!!!!

If contract terms were explained forefront, people like would not fall into the these kind of marketing traps.

LA fitness does unfair business!!!! I would never ever look back to taking any membership with them ever!!!


Something similar happened to me. I'm paying $210 Monthly.

4 sessions weekly for 12 months. That was not the deal but I realized after I have signed the contract.

I feel cheated by the sales man. LA fitness is a rip off.