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LA Fitness Corporation is an unethical Thief!

After I signed up for LA Fitness in SW Arlington, they gave me my "free" training session. Reuben Cordero, training manager, at that time, with their hard sell tactics, talked me into a contract with $309 down, and $160 a month. I called back within 3 days, talked to Keith as well as Reuben and cancelled! They put the contract through anyway and I noticed after 2 months that LA Fitness had been withdrawing payments from my checking account. I have called them and gone in, off and on, over the past several months to not only receive a refund, but to stop the fitness contract as well. I had to stop payments through my credit union. LA Fitness has the information in their computer and Keith, in sales, and the current Operations Mgr, Allison O., indicated at various times that I should and would receive my refund. The last I got out of Allison is that 2 vice presidents said "NO"!!! I do not know why. Allison put me in contact with LA Fitness Customer Service; I explained the situation, again, and have never received a call back from La Fitness Customer Service?! I have never received any training services under that contract, other than the initial "free" personal training assessment. I have sent certified demand letters to all appropriate addresses, to no avail, with no response! They are unethical thieves!

BBB Response:

I still think LA Fitness are unethical thieves! I did receive my exact refunds, more than a yr later!That does not make up for the bad impression that I have of LAF!They should have refunded immediately when the mistake was brought to their attention. When a mistake is made, Excellent Customer Service, requires the offending company to more than compensate, for future business oportunities and satisfaction. I did not even receive any kind of apology! The LAF rep. just said that he was glad he was able to cancel the contract and get me my refund like it was some kind of little misunderstanding. I had to send certified demand letters, contact the BBB,Dave Lieber of Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Consumer Affairs, TX & CA Attorney Generals, the FTC, and many other govt agencies that were recommended to me. All this cost me time and $ ! I have not been compensated for that! I believe had I not done all this LAF would have never refunded my exact $ , they stole in the 1st place. I believe that other consumers are unwilling to go to all this trouble, so LAF gets to keep all their $ that adds up! With this experience & the bad reviews I've read online, I believe LAF is still making their profits the unethical way!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

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The gym itself is fine...however, the training department are hard sales crooks just looking to increase the companies EFT. Bad trainers, but the gym is just fine and dandy.


I am going through an extremely similar circumstance. You could be me talking.

I haven't been refunded and don't expect to. I believe I have never had a poorer "service" experience. There appears to be no one at LAfitness that has any desire to be honest. I too have received confirmation verbally regarding a refund and then almost as quickly a Vive president has said "no" and that as a courtesy, Lafitness downgraded my account".

What? There is a real and true feeling with this company of a serious lack of integrity. It is terrible and I am mad!

Good for you to fight back. Way to go!