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I rarely add my 2 cents in when I surf forums like this but since i'm just hanging out watching march madness and surfin the net i'd like to add my input about my experience so far at la fitness.

first off, i've been to a number of la fitness in different states, including the signature clubs. i mainly go to one near my house but decided not to go there anymore and choose to drive a few extra miles to another one.

the customer service at most of the locations is horrible. the people at the front desk don't greet you at all, they just reach for your card to scan and even when you leave they just sit there and ignore you. most of the trainers i've seen have no social skills its ridiculous and i would think that would be important. they look like robots who can't crack a smile.

i recently walked in one day and seen a flyer for hiring. since i'm unemployed at the moment i told the general manager i would be available to meet with him tomorrow about a sales position. i get home do research about the position and find reviews like your reading now lol! so i decide to call him first thing in the morning. i call but he doesn't get in till later in the afternoon. the girl on the phone picks up as if she was picking up her cellphone, she didn't even answer stating her name or la fitness. i tell her to pass on the message that i will not be coming in to see the general manager. just by listening to her response i knew she would not pass it on. i call later and i get her again. she transfers me to the gm and i tell him i'm not coming because i went online to see more about the position and decided that it's not for me. he responded as if i ruined his day. he asked my why it wasn't for me and i just told him i went online and looked at what the duties were for the position and made a decision.

in conclusion, la fitness is an good gym to work out at at certain times. i changed my workouts and now i go in the morning at a different location, around 7am to avoid trainers, salesmen, friends and the rush you see in the evening. i recommend this to those who don't like la fitness. if possible just go in the morning to avoid all the people, you prob will even get a better workout and will avoid the horrible customer service i used to see and experience.

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Wow, you found a potential job opportunity, seem to understand what others are doing wrong in the business that makes the clients frustrated, and rather than embracing the challenge to fill a void and make a difference, you choose to bash the club. I understand the desire to be greeted and thanked for coming in by the beautiful girl they put in front, by I also understand that that isn't why I'm a member and she sees over a hundred members an hour at times and that'll get old quick.

The Covington L A Fitness is clean, new, comfortable, and not crowded in the least. I absolutely love the fact that Bally's closed and made me come over to the bright side.


I certainly understand. I had similar experiences at the LA Fitness in Northridge California. The condition of the LA Fitness in northridge, CA is horrible.

No one picks up weights. Dumbbells left all over, plates left on floor and machines. Even when you arrive at opening time, 430 am these conditions exists. When trainers and help arrive they stand around and do nothing. Once their trainers start, they even leave dumbbells on the other side of the gym, so members can not find them or use them. They are some of the worst offenders, also leaving weights on all machines.

Several machines are always broken, taking days to fix.

Worst part is the general manager, Rick Rosenthall has been informed by several members, and rather than addressing the issue, he works out and then goes home.

It is a shame when the GM and corporate offices are informed that they still do nothing to show care or respect for existing members.

I also tried on several occasions to discuss with the corporate office in California. They never pick up the phone (949-255-7200). They leave you on hold. When you finally get them they do nothing. Today (June 4, 2010) I spoke to Ryan in the corporate office. He assured me that executive vice president Lisa Gruelling would be informed of the problems since the regional manager, and the actual gym manager do not care at all about the broken equipment, dirtiness of the gym, and the lack of care by staff to ensure that the weights are picked up off the floor and put back where they belong.

Luckily a brand new 24 hour fitness opened down the street. I know personally hundreds of people are already leaving for the new gym.

I am also about to leave because after 2 more calls to corporate

949-255-7200, 2 chats with onsite managers, and a talk with the GM, Rick Rosenthall...not a single improvement.

Again, if you are a member and want to also complain, here is the direct number: 949-255-7200.

If things improve I will write back and let you all know.