Reston, Virginia
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Recently got a call from VISA that a suspicious charge had showed up on my credit card. They explained that the charge was questioned immediately and was made on the same day that LA Fitness charged my card as they do monthly.

Strangely enough this card is used exclusively for this bill, is not carried in my wallet and is NEVER used to purchase or charge anything. So logic dictates that the only people with access to this VISA number is LA Fitness.

Apparently they have some theives working in their billing department. I'm going to get to the bottom of this problem with them and their theiving employees.

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This just happened to me also. Same scenario.


Hello there, I was a LA fitness member in chicago, Later i moved to Idaho for work. there is no LA fitness here in ID, i tried to close the membership, but they made it really hard for me..

i tried calling and talking with with number of representative for months and nothing and they keep on charging my card.. the only way to get out of the scam is to change the card.I don't understand how a big firm like this plays cheap trick on their customers. I read multiple forum and found that i am not alone.

there are 1000s of ppl facing multiple problems with LA fitness.. Buyer beware !


hey, I am not even enrolled into LA Fitness and a "montly bill charge" just appeared in my bank account through swiping my credit card. The location of this LA Fitness is in Irvine, CA.

and I live in Miami, Florida... CRAZYYYY!!!!


Hi there,

I’m going through the exact same incident. LA Fitness is set up to withdraw from my credit card monthly and in January 2011 right around the payment date I received my first fraudulent charge.

I cancelled my card and after updating LA Fitness with my new card it did it again. Since then I’ve gone through 3 new credit cards and a new debit card. It didn’t dawn on me that it was LA Fitness until I made a one-time payment on my debit card. Every time I would update my information a month later I would be hit with an outrageous charge that said VRZNWRLESS (prepaid).

I don’t even use Verizon as my cell phone carrier. I am so frustrated and still going through the claim process as we speak.

My next step is to file a police report. Anyone out there going through the same thing?