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In just two short years, the LA Fitness in Crofton has fallen apart. The management is terrible.

The club is dirty and in poor condition. Showers don't work. The list can go on and on. Don't sign up in Crofton, MD.

I used to see cleaning persons working inside doing their jobs, however that has quickly gone away. Never see anyone cleaning. The equipment is filthy. The sauna is another story, the benches inside are broken and have have been for about six months.

Dont sign up. Go to Golds or somewhere else.dont sign up in Crofton

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I find it very unnerving that the number of people that complain to the staff are not seeing any action by management. I signed up in June and thought it was a great deal from other LA Fitness gyms that I have been to in the past.

Boy was I wrong!!! They have not been able to have the sauna in the women's locker room working correctly since I joined. The light has been out and the *** to control the heat is broken. In order to even get the sauna warm you have to put your ear and other hand close to the furnace so that you can tell if it is working.

On top of this, trash can sit in there for weeks on end!!!!

Add to the fact, the lack of cleaning and time during the day when it is done!!!!

I thought cleaning crews came in over night so that the place looked clean in the morning and members weren't having to dodge the cleaning people. If you are looking for a gym in the Crofton area, look at some place that is actually cares about what their members say!!!!


This place can't seem to figure out how to fix a sauna, it's been broken for about three months. I read the other posts and it seems to be a problem.

They tell you they have a sauna and then you go into it and it's broke.

I wouldn't recommend this place. Though the place is always empty I still would advise to go elsewhere.


Don't leave your valuables in a locker, they will be stolen


I agree with all. I just signed up here at LA Fitness in Crofton.

Big mistake. The employees act like children and can't give you a straight answer on anything. What it comes down to is the management is terrible.

The filth and the constant trash is a disgrace. La fitness in Crofton sucks


You have to love the announcement that comes over the speakers periodically telling staff its time to do safety/cleanliness checks... and then nobody ever bothers to do so! Most of the cardio machines sound like they're about to fall apart, and everything is dirty with caked on sweat/dust. I wish they'd replace the foam + paper towels with legitimate sanitation wipes.

The front desk girls are ALWAYS texting on their phones. Why do I have to stand there, wait for Princess to finish her text so she can take my tag and scan it. WHY NOT JUST LET ME SCAN MY OWN TAG AND FIRE YOUR USELESS FRONT DESK STAFF?!

The trainers are always checking out the young women (myself and my friends included) Its disgusting, and I constantly feel like a piece of meat.

I wish they'd also tint the giant windows in the class studio. Its very unnerving to have random people driving by outside and meat-heads inside the gym watching me do Hip Hop or Yoga classes.

@Annoyed Member

Are you serious? This sounds like every gym.

You're asking men to stop being men. If you cant tolerate being looked at,you need to build a private gym.


Signed up on Monday when the power was out and was unable to tour during a typical day. Wish I had read this before joining.

Went there last night and was pretty shocked by how profoundly I was mislead by the sales staff. Indeed, there is no way for a user to sanitize a machine after use, as no wipes are provided, and as there was zero cleaning presence, I can only imagine the bacteria levels on those machines and perhaps even in the pool. Not that I would use it, but yes, the sauna is broken. Apparently, it is typically broken.

No matter what you are told in the sales pitch, there is NO towel service. The only redeeming factor is that my contract is only month to month so I can quit next month and go somewhere else.


Agree totally. Constantly finding major pieces of equipment broken, not clean.

The basketball only memberships that they sell are very detrimental to the evening workout hours.

One pushing/shoving match on the court a few weeks ago. Constantly disrupting the rest of the gym.


You can add that the management can't seem to figure out what time this place opens. I know of two times in recent months in which it hasn't opened on time.

This is a direct reflection on how poor the management is at LA Fitness in Crofton. They have 30 or so people waiting to get inside for more than 30 minutes and it usually occurs on a Saturday.

Management:take some pride in what you do and wake up and do your job. This place is the worst.


I couldnt' agree more, with this post. This place is a huge mess. I heard Gold's is constantly making improvements


Yet again the sauna is broken.