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Ripped off my granddaughter and her boyfriend (both college students home for the summer only) for hundreds of dollars thru his bank card after the contract was cancelled the very day it was signed (all contracts can legally be cancelled within three days according to texas law). He had bullied my granddaughter into signing the contract and bullied her boyfriend into putting the charge on his card since she didn't have her card with her.

When they told me what had occurred that very day we went right back up there and cancelled every thing. The kids agreed to pay the one month that had alread been charged to his card - $680.00 if they could use the facilities for that month that was already paid for and until they went back to school. Mr. Daniel Bryant - the so-called manager - said that was fine they would never see another charge on his card.

However, two charges showed up before the end of August and I went by the facility and some very nice person was able to get those two $30 and $40 charges credited. Now this week they have put a $480 charge on his card and when I went by to talk to Mr. Bryant last evening, he said the contract was still in force and there was not one thing I could do about it but pay $15 to put a freeze on the account. I agreed to pay the $15 and gave him my card - he scanned it, but did not have me sign anything - then he said he wanted my American Express Card - I said "how do you even know I have an american express card?" He said, "I see it right there in your wallet" - which was open because I had just pulled out the other card.

He turned my wallet around and copied down the number saying, "I just want to may sure the same name was on both cards". This morning I went to my bank to check my credit card and discovered that Mr. Bryant had posted two (2) $90 charges to my card last night. I cancelled that card and told the bank everything but $15 was fraudulent - and also cancelled my American Express Card before he could do the same thing there.

My granddaughter's boyfriend did the same thing today with his bank, cancelled his credit card and turned in a fraudulent claim against LA Fitness.

If there is anyone out there who would like to join us in a Class-Action Suit against LA Fitness, please feel free to call me at 1-800-931-2374. Thank you

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Nothing in life is free so stop lieing on that man. He don't deserve this at all.

He was a true professional and tried to help you guys.

I was there when all this so call lies ya'll made up took place. No free cancellation !!!


I'm just out done with the racial remarks but I moved to Dallas and I didn't want to go backto LA fitness because of an incident but the HR at my work had suggested the LA fitness and the Manager at the time Daniel Bryant was really helpful yes he did have gold teeth that took me back but besides that my husband trains with him and when other association come in if he has time they train with him. Can't judge a book by the cover.

@Dont judge the book by the cov

I agree with you guys. Daniel was the Best and wanted everyone to accomplish their fitness goals. He was a good man and leader.


I had a complaint against LA Fitness and Daniel Bryant a year ago for sexual harrassment. LA Fitness had no choice but to cancel my membership...but they hadn't fired him for my complaint.

I will never ever recommend anyone to LA Fitness. They are a bunch of *** hiring ex convict thugs...Yes Daniel Bryant in an ex convict from New Orleans. He is a big black bully low life with gold teeth.

I hope he goes back to prison where monkeys like him belong. :(


Liers !!! I remember you fast girls coming in the gym shakes ya'll butts all ghetto and purchase training ya'll couldn't afford then turn around a month later and tried to cancel it.

Daniel wouldn't let you out so you hate him now. It's sad all you had to do is pay your cancellation fees and none of this would be.


You guys lied in this man I was there is still employed there now. Alll this was about he didn't allow you guys to cancel.

He was doing his job. He was very helpful and professional with everyone.

You have to pay to cancel. Simple !!!


Is that the reason why he was fired?


No he was a great guy but a lot of people signed up for personal training and wanted him to cancel they contact when he always would explain that if you purchase personal training you'll have to pay 50% of the remaining contract. So people would get mad if he didn't allow them to cancel freely without paying the cancellation fee.

He treated me and my husband very nice and professional but we wasn't looking for a free cancellation. :)


They lied on that man. I worked with him for three years.

No he didn't get fired. He took a six figures paying job. Daniel was LOVED, LOVING, EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL & HELPFUL TO EVERYBODY. He was the BEST AT HIS JOB.

He was a GREAT LEADER AND VERY HELP PEOPLE REACH THEIR GOALS IN FITNESS. He was very well soft spoken and he followed everything by the book. The true is ya'll mad cause he didn't let you cancel so ya'll on this blog to destroy his name. I am a white woman who now manages La Fitness.

He trained me and that's why I am the GM today.

I would never lie on no one so I had to speak on this. Thd End