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I attempted to use Kid Klub services at LA fitness last night and was told my membership didn't include this. The guy who signed me up a few days prior, John "JB" Barnes", never mentioned this to me. Nonetheless he comes over to explain that it costs extra per month to use those services and that he told me about those fees and that I declined. It was 7:30 p.m. and I had only 30 minutes to work out before the Kids Klub closed. I arrived with my kids and obviously wouldn't had done so if I knew that I didn't have this service. I explained to JB that he didn't mention any of this to me during my sign up on Saturday, April 28, 2012. He persisted that he told me. I reminded him that I even asked him what the kids klub hours were during my sign up and he gave me the sheet with the hours on it. I had received no further information. He left me in the lobby of LA fitness to speak with general manager and I could hear him telling the general manager about how he told me all of this and how he was right and I was wrong. I walked over to their desk thinking they were going to take care of things or move forward with the issue but no, we basically argued over what he told me and what I heard from him on Saturday. The conversation then moves over to cancellation and I was handed a form and told they weren't going to assist me further and calling the police.

Point is: They called the police, cancelled my membership and told me that I wouldn't be receiving a refund of any amounts paid on my account which consisted of first and last months membership fees of approximately $60-65.00 because they claim I breached my contract by arguing with JB in front of other patrons.

Ideally the situation would have gone down like this:

Hey Melissa, sorry for this misunderstanding, let's get you signed up real quick so you can hit that work out tonight. I can take care of the information for you while you hussle in the gym.

To be honest, that's all I was looking for. Someone to take care of the problem and let me go work out. Instead, I was called a liar by JB, store manager (male) and receptionist (male).

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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There is no LA Fitness in Salem, OR. The closest one is 30 minutes North in Wilsonville.


Hate to remind you of this, but if it ain't in writing it doesn't exist. If your contract didn't say the Kids Klub was included, you shouldn't have believed him when he said it was. you did thoroughly read and understand it before signing, right?

Did they really call the cops on someone speaking calmly yet firmly, or is there more?


They lied about the breach of cotract so you should sue just to teach them a lesson and give them the bad name they deserve. It would mnot be hard to get class action going against them.