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LA Fitness is a scam, I have not met one person who has not felt this way about them. Their personal trainers have minimal training and are paid minimam waige-the club keeps the rest.

If the trainers help you and the club finds out you did not pay for it then the trainers are fired. They want your bank account info and will debit it continually even if you stop using the trainers, they make you jump through hoops to cancel anything and claim you did not follow proper direction and will continue to bill you. You cannot quit in person-everything must be mailed to corporate and if it gets "lost in the mail" well that's your fault too. Beware-it is all a scam.

They are the worst gym out there.

They do not care about their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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LA Fitness SUCKS because they don't have tanning. People like to do everything all in one place not have to go all over. Almost every other gym has tanning which makes them better


I love LAFitness and have been given many different opportunities to have a great workout. NO CLUB in the Lehigh Valley has as many facilities for your money and NO Club has as many cycling classes per day, per week, than this club.

That's a plus when the instructors keep staying there. I'm serious about coming there 5-6 times a week, and I've been a member for 10 years.

I'm speaking from experience. Sorry that some people had a bad experience from the sales people, but I got past that, and am getting the most for my money at this club.


The one in allentown is pretty good. I have had no big issues with them.

The only issue was the sauna always had problems.


Glad I did my research this organization seemed fishy and the "sales councilor' did not meet me for the scheduled tour. RED FLAG one. Then... the guy at the front counter - throws out of no contracts!! Really? Why 199 up front and 24.99 a month. Of and if I sign today I can pay only 149$ down...

I NEVER give my back information to anyone -- learned the hard way a very long time ago.

Not joining after all... I'll shop around. Actually 24 hour fitness was better in the past.


Nothing is perfect always know that,that's why you should try a month to month contract.Make sure you make your own agreement also read the fine print(that always get people).Or type up your own agreement and cancellation agreement(I did).My gym is great nice and clean very friendly.

I have a month to month contract I can stop at any time.....


What company let's you "type up your own agreement"??? Can I do that to buy a car??? Maybe doctors get that treatment but us lower class folks don't get that benefit.


Who the *** complains about a gym for Gods sake? Fat and lazy people.

Who the *** goes to a gym for customer service??

Its a gym people people ans a pretty decent one. I rotate between several branches, and as long as the gear works an dumbbells are there in a happy camper.

@happy ***sumer

I think the OP meant the personal training packages that they push on you when you join. Can be very stressful for some.

They cave in and buy the package only to regret it later. The gym itself is affordable and clean, that's just my opinion.


Worst service ever! Worst expérience ever.

I just want to forget the day , I was an *** and signed up for that membership and trainings sessions. No result, lost money, bad attitude all over , fraud , stealing ... If I had a majic wish , I would not use it for myself , I would use it for "closing this club forever, especially in Oregon "... I know , I am probably, not as creadable as " LA" customer service , where they take unauthorized transactions from Your cards all the way they could and try to say , that was Your fault..

Guess what, yes , I AM an *** for signing up with this bull *** but don't U guys have anything human and truthful ?!! Shame .... Shame on the owners , shame on the customer service , shame on ...

You know , the ones ,I don't name... Yet....


Highland village, Texas has the worst customer service at their front desk! Don't know how anyone wants to pay for treatment from such rude staff.

Complained but it doesn't appear that management seems to care much either.

Join if you like being greeted by unfriendly, unhelpful and unusually rude ladies at front desk! Who trains these people anyway?


I won't be a member much longer with No Monday night football. New tv's in locker room.

The only thing on is CNN, Larry king

interviewing Jimmy Carter.

I will bet LA fitness had the game on. :?


I love LA fitness in Allentown PA. I have been a member for almost a year now, and have had a trainer too.

Of course they do a big sales pitch for training, they aren't making a truck load of cash on your $30/month dues. The club is clean, staff is great, love the kids club! The contract is really straight forward, as far as cancellations go. I just sent mine off certified mail today, to cancel the personal training portion once my year is up.

My results have been great! I am a pleased customer.


this form is insane. i've worked at LA Fitness for two years now, at the front desk in PA.

it's amazing job while i'm in school and i deal with cancellations directly. we ALWAYS explain the proper procudures to cancel, and if you read the agreement you signed, that explains it as well. As for the CC situation. You cannot be a member if you do not have a CC on file.

That's just how it works.

It's like that at many other gyms, tanning salons, or any month by month facilitly. Those of you who are complaining are a very small population because we always get wonderful reviews.


I fell onto bench at L.A. fitness on 8/2008 and was denied any compensation for there failure to create a SAFE ENVIRONMENT for its members.

The Bench was not bolted to frame, (screws were missing). I fell into a damaged locker shoulder and head first. Bench was positioned as in good condition. I soliceted an attorney, they proceeded to file a claim, along with pictures, witness statement, and all necessary documentation.

They denied my claim. I would like to know what court system should I solicit for justice.


I went over the head of the operations manager, Sarah Kraft at my LA Fitness in Seattle and complained to corporate. She took me to court to try to get an antiharrassment order against me.

She thought going over her head was harrassment.

The company actually paid money to hire an attorney to help her. The judge dismissed the case and told her that customer complaints were part of her customer service job and "deal with it".

@Sarah Kraft LA Fitness Court H

Sarah Kraft got fired from 2 LA FITNESS. She was the manager of a mexican and her self, every one there is a manager, even the janitor.


I luv la fitness. Very nice staff, very clean, awesome aerobic classes: ex-Miss Michigan even teaches aerobics there! Best health chain and professional in Michigan by far-!!:) :grin :p


Their website link to cancellation form never worked.

We sent a letter on November 5, 2009, to cancel wife, me, and two toddlers. $80 monthly charge total.

By coincidence MBNA changed our credit card number soon after from attempted fraudulent charge.

5-6 phone calls from LA Fitness that they can’t access our card number. We told them we cancelled already.

On Dec. 14th they charged $100 total

They found our new credit card number through MBNA.

I wrote another letter to LA Fitness to cancel charges.

On Jan 4th, $30 charge

On Jan 7, $120 total charges from 8 transactions

I called MBNA to dispute all these charges on 1/10/10. I told them if LA Fitness keeps charging I will cancel the card entirely.

LA Fitness is a scam.


Medical Center Houston Texas LA fitness. Swimming pool always cold


I spoke to the Operation Manager of LA fitness Palm Harbor, Florida and honestly he was the most horrible person I ever dealt with. Nasty Attitude. This gym will do whatever it takes to keep your money, Do not give them your credit card number or contact info.