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This afternoon I stopped by to cancel my wife membership. My Wife, had signed up about 5 weeks ago, gone to the center once and was diagnosed one week later with huge tumor in her bladder which proved to be cancerous..

In that light , I stopped to cancel her membership at it is obvious that she will not be able to attend the training center for some time. I asked that we may be refunded at least the second month of the charges that were applied but was told to no advent that this was not possible because of membership Policies at LA Fitness. Angel, the General Manager at the center located at 20801 GOLDEN SPRINGS DR.DIAMOND BAR, CA 91789, was neither compassionate neither understanding or offering any other arrangement.

It is clear that whatever the circumstances are , LA Fitness bottom line resides in their pocket and no where else.

I urge all cancer survivors to cancel their memberships and seek a new really caring fitness center. Let them know that you heard of this case and will not stand by their practice.

Furthermore they provide no way on their corporate website to address a complaint other than directly to the center. I am profoundly displeased by the GM (Angel) and it seems he is my last recourse!! *** Angel! this is where you will end up!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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yah you got me, im the ceo of la fitness *** *** 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)


DroBro420 definitely sounds like an *** with that comment as he completely misses the point...


You are obviously either working for LA Fitness or management there.. $33 is not the point. the point is the rudeness and lack of sympathy demonstrated by them.

If you cannot understand that ... i think you should refrain from posting and certainly remember than insulting other is rude.. conclusion : you must be working for LA FITNESS

By the way: may you NEVER get cancer, because you will remember then how rude and unsympathetic you've just been!


lol youre a *** *** "everybody who has had cancer should boycott la fitness because they didnt give me $33 back" :cry :cry :cry