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I have been an LA Fitness member at the Bridgeville, PA gym for 2 years with personal training. I have been given many free guest passes over the years and fnally was able to talk my friend into using one this past week. When we went with the pass we were told that it was no good. I questioned the man about why the pass was not valid and was told that the person who gave me the pass no longer worked there and so the pass was no good. This conversation went back and forth and made no sense.

I went home and several days later printed a 2 week pass off the internet and returned with my friend. I was told that that pass was no good. I asked for the manager and was told by him that they were having "black out days." He said that college kids were using the passes with no intention of purchasing a membership and so the guest passes were no longer any good. Meanwhile, a woman standing next to me said that her sister is using the pass without a problem. I asked for corporate headuqarters phone number and paid $20 for the hour in the gym.

I called corporate and was told that they never heard of "black out dates" or a guest pass being void if the employee handing it out quits/relocates. They did say that if my friend lived more than 20 miles from the gym that the pass is no good. I congratulated them on managing their gyms --I have quit my $40/session personal training and my friend who belongs to 3 gyms and is bouncing between 3 states finishing up medical school whill never join an LA Fitness.

I then googled the fine print on their guest passes and there is nothing there stating that you need to live within 20 mils of the gym, or that there will be "Black out days," or that it is void if the employee handing you this quits.

This is a bait and switch tactic and someday a lawyer will make millions from this.

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I've been a member of the Bridgeville LA fitness for 6 months. I have never written a review before but I'm hoping someone reads this and things change.

There are only a small handful of employees at front desk that are personable. It is common that upon entering they never greet you, simply scan your pass and that's it, many times NO eye contact! It is so surprising how rude and Impersonable the majority of these employees are.

Some worse than others. Even though it is a mile from my house , I think I'll try Robinson or another gym altogether.


Where did you find phone numbers of corporate?

It seems impossible to get past the local branch