Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I was able to cancel my month-to-month membership immediately!

They told me I'd have to get a form from the club or print it out from their website and mail it in. (Apparently, this is in the original contract when you sign up!) I told them that that wasn't acceptable, since my next billing was going to be in 5 days.

I tried calling the 800-number but the member services option didn't work.

So I went to the club and the manager dialed someone from the phone on the reception desk. Great move, since anyone coming in could hear what I said.

I asked the representative to tell me what number I could call in the future for member services - she wouldn't!

After I refused the snail mail option (how can they sign me up immediately but cancel my membership only by snail mail?), she told me that she could process the cancellation over the phone, but that it would take 5 days, and since today was the 23rd and my next billing was the 28th ... wait for it ... I would have to pay another month! I told her I'd tell my credit card company to reject any future charges from them.

Finally, she told me to talk to "Brian" at the gym, who would cancel my membership. Who's he? The guy sitting at the other end of the reception desk. Would she need to talk to him to let him know? He's been listening to the call the whole time! *** That would explain why she kept saying "Yes" and "OK" on the phone and have long pauses, but not in response to me.

So he cancels my membership, effective immediately, as easy as pie, and sends me an e-mail confirmation on the spot.

Oh, and the gym? There are no towels, the classes were often overfilled, I often had to wait for equipment, and one of the trainers kept bothering me and others in the middle of our workouts to sign up with him for a free training session. And half of their free training session is a sales pitch. Ugh!

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omg exactly what happen to me!!!! i hate LA FITNESS!!!!! :( :x


what bever you do not give then your credit card ,,,even if they say its for the records....

Nunca des tu tarjeta de credito , estos ladrones te van a robar tu dinero cada mes y te vas a arrepentir....CREEME''''


My mom gave me a one week FREE pass to this gym.....they asked for credit card info just for their records..which I shouldn't of given them..I went just 1 day for 1hr and left....Before I know I'm getting billed for the month...cancelled the credit card...20 calls from LA Fitness told them I never joined just went for 1 hr...they keep billing me...I spoke to countless people there explaining the situation ..I am not a member, never have been a member...then on the phone they said they would cancel....STILL GETTING LETTERS...DON'T ANYONE EVER THINK OF JUST GOING TO SEE THIS PLACE..ITS SCARY..YOU WILL REGRET IT...VERY UNPROFESSIONAL..I WISH I WOULD OF NEVER OF WENT THERE !!