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As excited as I was for the Arlington, VA gym to finally open after being told it would be opening in approx 2 weeks – then almost 4 months later!


1. When I originally signed up with LA Fitness the membership special was suppose to be $59 – I was charged $69. Forget getting this refunded.

2. Then LA Fitness changed into ESPORTA – then back to LA Fitness, all in less than being open for 3 months

3. The Free Consultation is NOT free – its $149.00

4. Signing up for a Trainer is a JOKE

a. You are either NOT put into the System at the time you make your appointment and when you show up the Trainer is with someone else

b. The trainer scheduled off and not even there at the gym

c. They have scheduled you with another trainer that you do not even know

i. I did give this the benefit of the doubt ~ I finally after maybe 15 minutes told the want-to-be trainer I would just workout on my own – tried to tell another trainer – trainer manager ???????? Anyone around ????

d. If you try to call and make a training session – Forget it ! It will not be in the computer when you come in if you even got your call answered.

e. And FORGET about using the online scheduler – They only have 1 of their 10 trainer's schedules uploaded – and that trainer is packed!!!

5. I am so screwed: 2x a week x 4 weeks a month x 12 months : I will simply be writing the Better Business Bureau – LA Fitness / Esporta apparently must think they do not have to respond to their customers.

6. I am sure there is more I can share – but I feel with this info along with the other postings, you get the idea.

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My experience is almost exactly the same. Their training staff is demoralized, quits early and often, and the new manager is unresponsive. Very, very bad.