Everett, Washington
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I've had been going to this gym for a few months until too many things made it not worth it. Starting this week I now go to 24 hour fitness and it is 200% better.

I don't know how LA Fitness stays in business, especially after reading all the complaints with the same theme. When I joined LA Fitness I was insulted by a trainer, Tony Hicks, who made fun of my body in the hopes that I would feel bad and sign up for personal training. It didn't work.

I should have run away from the gym at that point. If you are a woman and do not wished to be harassed and insulted, stay away from LA Fitness, especially the Everett WA club.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Trainer.

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I've been going to La Fitness for years. But it was tony hicks who helped me achieve my fitness goals. After seeing my dedication he hired me as a staff member. I've never had such an amazing manager who genuinely cares about his staff. He puts his full effort into making sure I received my training certification. He has built great team here at la fitness.

Noting the other put downs you must be someone he had to let go and for good reason it seems too. Because I really like my manager and enjoy working for him.


Ive hade traing at lafitness for a year now and have lost over 75 pounds this is the best ive ever felt and looked and I would like to thank the manger tony hicks he convinced me that haveing the help off a trainer would give me the needed motivation and saport that I needed to make this happen thanks lafitness


Tony was the one who defended himself. No one would stick up for him even his own trainers hate him they always talk behind his back.

About his fat girlfriend or his *** boxing career or the fact he's out of shape and can't spell. Whatever you do don't buy training from him.


Lol , defending tony? He doesnt even know what he's talking about. He's scrawny and doesn't look nclose to being a trainer.


For all the people that conplan about outhers maybe you should think about what you say be for you say it I'm shure tony is a nice guy and is only doing his job think about all the people that get in shap and lose whight most people think they can do it one ther own and don't hum maybe your one off thoughs people all buut hurt because its tru you can't do it on your own hum think about your self befor you put outhers down. Lol. !!!!


Tony is a scam and not a trainer just a sales guy!