Melville, New York
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This club has detoriated to a disgraceful level. They are constantly out of paper towels and the cleaning personnel would rather workout than pick the garbage on the floor.

This place should be closed by the Board of Health and forced to do major renovations.

Numerous broken lockers and poor maintenance. it is amazing that people keep coming back and the personnel working there could care less about the appearance of the place.

There are bugs in the showers and the locker room is poorly ventaliated. Probably the worst maintained club in the chain.

They should be ashamed of this Facility!

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Facility.

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This gym is GROSS!!! The locker room smells worse than a garbage dump!

I get nautious just walking into it to use the restroom g-d forbid i ever wanted to use the shower. Dont even get me started on the sauna- GROSSS!!!

Gym equipment is ancient, i would never ever go near the jacuzzi or pool even if you paid me a million dollars.

The management told me there would be new equipment about 4 years ago, havent seen anything. This gym is horrible


So I have to agree with 423 Boys. I thought I had signed up for a good deal at this place initially.

I was going back to school in the fall, so I needed a place for two months and they happened to have a month-to-month plan. Great. They also offered me a trainer and so I took them on the offer while under the impression that I could cancel whenever I could. When it came time to cancel, they cancelled my membership, but did not cancel my training because I was locked in for a year.

Sorry 423 boys, but I lost over $1000 to these guys. Also, some of the equipment are falling apart and yes the employees rather work-out than help maintain the gym.


This gym shuts the LIGHTS off 10 minutes prior to closing each night in the weight area. This is Extremely dangerous for everyone especially the elderly and hard of seeing individuals.

It seems the staff wants rush everyone out with blatant disregard for customer's safety

A Major Lawsuit is inevitable.


PONZY SCHEME JOKE OF A BUSINESS! or what the consider to be a business i am a college student and went there to join the gym and when i signed up i got what i thought was a pretty good deal.

Then i decided to sign up for a personal trainer and the worker known as "california chris" helped me out. I went to Ron Shaw and he gave me my free trial of personal training. Later on that week i decided to sign up for the personal trainer 3 times a month. the associate that signed me up was ESTE.

He informed me that there was no contract i could cancel any time after 3 months. I started going through rough times with money being a college student and all so i went to go cancel my membership. "california chris" talked me into just freezing my account which seemed like a good idea at the time because i thought i would get the money back soon. what he failed to tell me was that my personal trainer contract was seperate so i went to go cancel that and ron shaw told me that i couldnt and i was locked in for a year or i had to pay half of what i owed which would be around 500 dollars i argued with him told him that this wasnt what i was told and he was like im sorry to hear the and acted like he was my best friend but i saw right through him..what he told me to do was go to a doctor and get a fake doctors note and i could cancel my contract with no charge...HE WAS TELLING A 18 YEAR OLD TO GO GET FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS!!

when i told him that he instantly said thats not what i said..then i had the idea to have my mom call and pretend like she was interested in signing up and they told her the same thing they told me about no cancelation fees and everything...trying to get to the bottom of this i went there 3 times and call numerous times and everyone said they would call me back but no one ever did i got all the way through to the corporate office which their number happens to conviently no be on their website most likely because these types of situations happen alot...i waited 3 weeks for an answer or at least somebody to call me back finally i wrote a letter and signed it telling them to cancel my contract had to cancel my credit card all because of them....DONT GO TO LA FITNESS! yes its big and offers alot of classes but they look to screw over young kids and even adults..go to planet fitness just nort of it on 110 1/2 the price and opened 24/7


Joe is very much a crook....stole money from previous gym.,,,


This was one of the most comments from members in Florida clubs. This coming from a former LA|Fitness G.M.

in sales. After years working for the company, I seen a big decline

keeping the club clean.


Do not deal with Joe at LA Fitness. The guy is a slimy crook who is only interested in his commission and is a master at the bait and switch. Total piece of ***