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I went to LA Fitness on a trial membership pass and brought my 3 month old first born into the kids club. When there, I was told they would not feed nor change his diaper. So I left, believing that my child would be safe and nothing would be given to him without my knowledge.

30 minutes later, I go to pick my son up, and am told that he was fed applesauce from my diaper bag. I never left a bag there, as I was told it would not be used. He has never had food of any kind, except breast milk.

I was/am livid! I spoke to the GM, Ashley, and she told me she was sorry, that it was a "mix-up" and that he was fine. What if he was allergic or had choked?

Not only was I lied to, I will never get to feed my son his first *** of food - that is something I can never get back. I will never see the look on his face as he tries it for the first time. And, apparently, everything is "Fine" because he was not hurt.

I'm hurt. I'm furious. I will never take my son or my business to LA Fitness again.

Nor will I ever recommend it to anyone - without warning them of my experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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I had two people added to my membership account without my knowledge. The guy claimed to be my boyfriend.

A month later he added his sister. I realized something was happening when I checked my credit card statement. Yes! I got charged for both.

I received a credit, but never an explanation of why LA Fitness allowed changes to my account before verifying with the OWNER of the account. Our private information is not save with LA Fitness and it seems that our kids either.


lol im sure la fitness employees really care about their company enough to come onto this website and insult complainers. "Concerned" and "Seriously?", you guys are idiots.


It's obivious that co worker, amy & nub work there and just don't get it. The woman did not bring a bag since she was told they don't feed your child or change diapers.

So, idiots who's apple sauce did they take and give to another baby??

If the baby was allergic or had a reaction, which they can at that young age, then LA Fitness would have been SOL in a huge law suit. Apparently, they hire inexperienced children to watch children.


um.. if you had never fed him then why was there apple sauce in his bag?

And if your really that touchy of a mom.. then don't leave your kids there. It's optional. I work in kids klub as well, and 1.

she wasnt causing harm. She was trying to help your kid.

Which you should be happy about. And you'll get to see him eat for the next 100 years, so i think you'll be fine.


Looks like "amy" and "nub" are LAF employees trying to save face.

LAF is lucky that they did not get child endangerment charges brought against them!


What club location was this at? You're so lucky you found this out BEFORE you signed up.

I didn't start having negative experiences with their kids club until my membership had began. I'm sorry that happened.


whatever!!!! Your son is fine!!!


who cares. dont let other people watch your kids then ***