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I went in one day for my "personal training" assessment...after Blake (steven) Mosely showed me the prices.. I told him I wasn't interested in a contract.

He told me he would make a special deal for me. 4 one hour session per month for $100 and stop anytime. No contract. He told me I was signing a receipt.

Never gave me a copy of anything. Turns out I signed a contract. After I left he filled in the contract, putting me in for 12 months at 2 thirty minute sessions...and forged my initials. I have asked many people to help me, and no one there is willing.

The cops I work with, as well as my lawyer have looked over the contract, as well as many health and fitness club laws, and they have broken many of them. If i decide to call the cops, Blake Mosely will be charged with forgery and possibly identity theft since he forged my initials.

This will hurt any future job opportunities and he will have a misdemeanor and possibly be a felon...WHY are they so unwilling to work with me?! Horrible HORRIBLE ethics and customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

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The Better Business Bureau connection appears to be what got LA Fitness' attention. When LAF's representative called, he asked me to be sure and let the BBB know that they had refunded my money. I have that rep's name and phone # if you want to try it?


LAFitness is a cheating,lying, deceitful company. That company has no idea what service means.

At best, the connection to their customers is based on greed. If a member experiences a problem, and I did, there is absolutely no one that you can personally speak to that has even a mild motivation to assist and correct a problem. I was overcharged. What should have been $250.00 per month changed into $400.00 per month.

When I asked for a refund of the overpayment, the LAfitness roaches scattered quickly. Facebook, Yelp, Tweet and whoever else....here I come.