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LA Fitness is essentially a fraudulent corporation. Do not ever sign up for a membership and especially do not ever sign up for personal training. They make canceling nearly impossible. The sales staff lies to your face to get you to sign a contract. Then you're stuck paying the rest of your membership without receiving any service when you want out! I went in multiple times to cancel my personal training membership and they told me I could do this. I also only signed a 6 month contract and they claim it was a 12 month one!

Then they billed me for two more months. Then they gave me the corporate number to call so I would be able to cancel as an "exception" I talked to a "manager" on the phone who "has no boss" I could talk to when he was rude and wouldn't help me in any way. After yelling at him for over 45 minutes he said he would talk to the Vice President of LA Fitness to see if I could cancel and he would do his best to call me back. 2 weeks later and nothing.

Which of course means, another month of billing!

This is the worst company to ever exist. They should be shut down and all put in jail. Every single one of them. Not just the managers but also the sales associates that lie to you to get you to sign something.

I've now learned to read every single word on a contract before signing it. Please, if you're interested in improving your health and fitness go to a trained professional or a reputable gym to do so. Never ever these thieves.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Personal Training.

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LA Fitness recently took over my Bally's location in Bellevue, Washington. I wasn't aware of this until I walked into the location last Tuesday.

An LA Fitness employee at that point asked me to sign a liability release in the form of an electronic pad signature. I asked to see the print out of the form. He only showed me the signature area. Trusting his representation, I signed the electronic pad.

I requested a print out of the form again. He said he would provide the same the next day. The next day I adamantly requested a print out of the document that I had signed. I obtained, not just a release of liability, BUT A FULL NEW contract stating that I would pay IN JANUARY for another years membership.

I had ALREADY paid for the next years membership (through Ballys) in late November or December. My electronic signature had been obtained by FRAUD! I assume all of the other Bally's members at this location were also subject to this FRAUD!. The LA Fitness employees that I encountered there were extremely aggressive, rude, and devious.

I've seen at least one other post on the Internet complaining about the same. This person changed his credit card and bank account number for the purpose of avoiding being doubled charged by LA Fitness for his membership fee for one years.

Avoid LA Fitness to avoid being defrauded, insulted, and intimidated!


the only way to get rid of LA FITNESS is to cancel your card that you used to pay for the membership. my friend and i signed up for what was supposed to be only a few months of training which turned out to be a year and of course the conversation on a few months of training never happened.

once you cancel your card send in the form to cancel. i see lots of people complaining that they are still getting charged but cancelling your card will take care of at least one problem


The EXACT same thing happened to me! I signed up with a guy named John, who assured me it was only a 6 month contract...I soon found out he had been fired for making faulty promises, but somehow I had now entered into a year-long contract at double the normal rate. I've tried NUMEROUS times to work with them, but they are so money hungry and corrupt that they don't care. I've even sicked my credit card company on them; they were nice to me with the credit card company on the phone and promised to call me back, and of course, they never did.

I've cancelled my gym membership. In fact, I did that MONTHS ago, and I've still been billed for the personal training I haven't used in over 6 months.



I went in to apply and got snaked into signing up. I never want to work there after going through what i've gone through.

They didnt even id me when i signed up... i used my boyfriends card... in which they didnt even care that he was not there to sign me up.

He was pissed when i got home that i was weaseled and called the company and flipped that he wasn't there and after the told them that they could technically get fired for not iding and telling me it was okay to use his card they agreed to let me come in and cancel if i come into sign the form. this company is the worst!