Summerville, South Carolina
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To: LA Fitness

PO Box 54170

Irvine, CA 92619-4170

From: John L.

Date: Tuesday 03-17-2009

Subject: 3 Business Day Cancellation of Membership

As a result of multiple lies made to me, my daughter and my wife by one of your salesmen (Gilbert Rodriguez employee # 1839818) at the Pearland East LA Fitness, please immediately cancel my membership which was initiated on Saturday, 3-14-2009 as today, 3-17-2009 is only the second business day.

Gilbert on multiple times promised my daughter and I that she would receive a lower rate on her membership if I were to sign up with the club. This was primarily due to the fact that she had been erroneously signed up for a premier membership when she only wanted a one club membership.

Gilbert informed her to lie to the corporate office if she were contacted and state that a person named Caleb who no longer worked there had promised her the lower rate as opposed to the truth that Gilbert himself had made the promise.

After stalling on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with more lies and excuses, Gilbert finally stated he would not be able to uphold his promise.

Please cancel this membership immediately.


CC: Gilbert Rodriguez – General Manager – Pearland, TX East

Todd Born – Vice President – Pearland, TX East

Jerry Beasley – Sales Manager – Pearland, TX East

PS: The above names and titles were also provided by Gilbert Rodriguez and may not be factual.

Product or Service Mentioned: La Fitness Membership.

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West Palm Beach Florida.

A homo-man-*** expodsed himself masturbating in the sauna to another man during his workout....and then


la fitness pays their employees alot more than min. wage


Thank You for your comments. I'm sure there are a lot of honest and hard working folks at LA Fitness.

Its just that Gilbert Rodriguez is not one of them and the corporate culture from top down appears to reward liars as opposed to hard work. LA Fitness never contacted me back.


What ended up happening? Did you ever hear back from corporate?

I work for LA Fitness and get so frustrated at this stuff. I am honest and work hard at customer complaints which are due to employees like this guy who are only in it for a buck.

If LA Fitness would just pay their employess more than min wage then cust service might be better.