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Here is the email that I sent to the West Coast Manager of Operations of La Fitness yesterday..

Hello Armen

Armen from our recent conversations you assured me the Jacuzzi issues would be taken care of. Like I said this mornings phone call La Fitness was a pig pen. Jacuzzi has water slim line plus the water is turning yellow the temperature wasn't even close to being right. Last Friday the Jacuzzi was turning yellow and smelling pretty bad too! So your new people if there are any new pool people aren't keeping up with the chemicals as required as by the state standards.

Also in the morning there maintenance staff comes in at 4:30 AM with the clients of La Fitness. The staff goes in and starts cleaning shower rooms ect. They use cleaning products that I for one don't wish to be breathing. The chlorine is so thick that your lungs burn along with your eyes. They use up all of the hot water in the place too. . I found the chemicals smell so bad this morning in the shower room that it was causing myself and other to cough. The reason for no hot water is because there janitor is rinsing the shower out by turning on shower to hot as he is out by the pool area with a hose running hot water to wash the pool and Jacuzzi areas. Result no hot water for your paying clients. Today there wasn't a working Jacuzzi, sauna, no hot water to shower with at 5:15 AM

This is a poor client relationship no amenities working and no hot water to shower. It doesn't stop there Armen. When I walked out of the shower room the janitor was removing the cedar planks from the sauna. Without any signage or caution tape around the work area! He had placed the planks against the wall as your make the right turn out of the shower room in the walk way. With the screws jetting out of the planks. That an accident waiting to happen all it would take is for some poor guy to walk into them. Oh the lawsuit that would happen.

It comes down to what I talked to you about on the phone a few months ago, your people aren't "SMIPLY TRAINED" Anyone with a ounce of consideration or common sense would of taken precautions to make sure there wasn't any danger to people walking around with bare feet. Not this guy. This is the same guy who replaced one of the best janitors you had working there. He doesn't use good judgment when working around the clients of La Fitness. You are in his way and there is no getting around that fact. Remember we are the ones who pay his wages.

I see there is so many things that being put off on the back burner again. That has now come down to just making a phone call to the Oregon State Board of Health and have them come in and look the place over Armen this isn't a threat it's a promise. I'm sick of paying 30 bucks for *** to work in a place that they don't respect the client's welfare or health.

Your staff isn't trained to handle the pools or Jacuzzi! They have neglected to replace the drinking fountain it has rust around the push pads. The board of health wouldn't allow this in any other public place so why does La Fitness think they are above fixing it?

On Friday 7th Josh told Mel Deseranno he could go home and not come in that morning because Mel pointed out that Josh hadn't open the doors and it was past the 4:30 AM opening time. This is uncalled for Mel has been at this establishment since it open and came over from the Mt Hood when La Fitness bought them. Mel is also very well like be 99.9% of the people who know him. Mel says hello to nearly every person who comes into this place to work out daily and is there 7 days a week.

let him know how you feel... At armenb@lafitness.com

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wow this sounds just like some of the other complaints you have writen on this web side its funny how the same morning guys that are all friends and have nothing better to do then complain but yet they are still members wow I guess its not really as bad as you say are you just boared